Did I waste $1400 on a Walmart Gaming PC?

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

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    PC Part Picker list DIY Walmart PC (DTW1): pcpartpicker.com/list/PfsKbX Not every part showed up in their database, so I did my best to select similar parts when needed)

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    Gamers Nexus did a video on a Walmart gaming PC too: nlblow.info/start/sYWlnWKLnqucbps/video.html

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Maxx Omega +3
Maxx Omega

To me, buying a PC at Walmart is like buying a car from Home Depot...

2 jaar geleden
Mostly Toasty +64
Mostly Toasty

That's downright criminally mis spec'd for the price. 1400 USD is 1800 ish in CAD (at the moment)!!

2 jaar geleden
Will I Am +442
Will I Am

Imagine having the ability to buy a pc just to see if its a good one 🤔 i could only wish

Jaar geleden
John Philip Tan +3
John Philip Tan

At first I was like

Jaar geleden
Dino Dare +317
Dino Dare

I saw a $1,600 one of these in the tech section. I wanted to inspect it but it wouldn't turn on for a demo (despite having a keyboard, mouse, and actually decent looking monitor connected) and there was no specs list.

2 jaar geleden
Elias Priem +1
Elias Priem

1400 bucks, and still ketchup and mustard cables? Smh

Jaar geleden
Britec09 +624

WOW, PC World used to do this with there junk computers. Cheap parts and that is the most ketchup and mustard cables I have seen in a PC for years. Also that PSU will be like a fireworks display in your case when it lets go and taking all your parts with it lol Good Job Walmart.

3 jaar geleden
Jonathan T. +541
Jonathan T.

If someone buys a gaming pc, he definitely has enough time to build it..

Jaar geleden
YourDarling +245

It's really worth it to build it yourself, if you need help you can always ask forums or a discord server. I went from zero knowledge on building to building pc's for multiple family members. For 1400 dollars i have a much nicer build and the satisfaction of doing it myself. : )

2 jaar geleden
Nate Jakola +2
Nate Jakola

Me: doesn’t know anything about pcs

Jaar geleden
Julian Halpern-Smith +34
Julian Halpern-Smith

I love how optimistic Kyle is in the beginning of the video.

Jaar geleden
Adam Evans +19
Adam Evans

Update!: Walmart just announced their op gaming computers are teaming up with new build consultants the verge

Jaar geleden
TBNRKenWorth +27

Not as bad as i was expecting but ya that power supply good or not gives me nightmares.

3 jaar geleden
Jimmy M +81
Jimmy M

Would've been funny if the PSU brand was Great Value haha

3 jaar geleden
drwho900 +645


3 jaar geleden
Lux Aurora 2 +17
Lux Aurora 2

Did you know that Linus bought one of these, and his graphics card wasn't plugged in to the power supply as well?

Jaar geleden
John Pham +1
John Pham

Great video and agreed with the other comments, it was pretty expected. Also, you should totally bolster your desk stability by either clamping them together or just using zip ties. That is, unless you move that specific desk constantly.

3 jaar geleden
Kristen Carter +11
Kristen Carter

Great video, but seriously WTF. I've just built my first PC and being relatively new to all this, even I can spot the substantial corners cut. Keep the videos coming, big fan.

Jaar geleden
Daniel Arellano +6
Daniel Arellano

OP stands for Overpriced

3 jaar geleden
CWG Reacts +82
CWG Reacts

"I'm not sure that's enough to let healthy airflow in"

2 jaar geleden