The most INSANE setups in my Discord!

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Dannygxc +322

I kinda hope for the next round of setup videos, people start including desk models (or where they bought it). Cus they look so good and am in need of a new desk lol

znorren +29

kyle: lets look at some setups

Boss +13

You should add some led hotspot spreaders to your setup Kyle I think it’ll make it look a lot better

Chris Lowe +9
Chris Lowe

Thanks for the kind words Kyle honestly didn't think I would get a feature on one of these. The bose speaker has aux input so is connected to the pc for audio when I don't want to wear headphones. Icybox is an exteral harddrive array for films etc. for Plex, probably going to swap it out for a NAS in the future.

RedSage +68

I never expected to actually be featured lol thank you for the kind words :D btw the last console in my setup that you were wondering about at

Cole World +148
Cole World


Owen +26

I’d love to see you spend your life savings on a custom mechanical keyboard

Ashhar Ameen
Ashhar Ameen

Your videos are really haven like to pc enthusiast can't appreciate the content enough. Keep producing with same passion bro and keep growing.

MAKkkk +4

Wow, 4 RTX Card boxes in the first one, along with 3 visible PC's, crazy!

21 dag geleden
Mark Scheuerman +1
Mark Scheuerman

Seeing monitor 3 listed in the first one let me know it was gonna be wayyyy better than mine before I even saw it

Takumi VS
Takumi VS

i prefer having a bit less rgb when it comes to having your pc on the desk next to you. i have alot of rgb in my pc but most of the time its off. can be abit distracting on the monitors ect

zipmiX +1

Oh my god. There is finally a link to the discord after all these decades. Thank you!!

Anass Eljondy
Anass Eljondy

On BHM's setup, I think that "rock" is actually a Borg cube from Startrek

19 uur geleden

I hope i make it into the next one. I always post updates to my setup in discord, and it’s gotten to a point where i think it’s pretty nice , but i never make it in ☹️.


One gripe with the first setup is that the led reflection on the right side. You can see them individually, add something fo defuse it please

Nathan Ho +4
Nathan Ho


Jasper Wolfe
Jasper Wolfe

Extremely nice setups, makes me feel crappy about my computer. No graphics card, uses integrated graphics, can't even play a lot of my games due to it not being powerful enough.

papercut +2


Mario S +3
Mario S


vav247 +9

The Japan setup looks like an M.C. Escher painting which is cool, good taste in coffee too, love the Cafe au lait Boss flavor.