I've kept this room a secret long enough. Time to come clean.

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tkneebee +462

Give the couch to Lyle, he needs a casting couch.

Eric Taylor +271
Eric Taylor

Guess know we know why Kyle is so good at picking out problems in other people's set-ups, he himself has everything he knocks others for going on in his own set-up.

Rodolfo H.B. +140
Rodolfo H.B.

2 pc's in the office, one for Kyle and one for Lyle

novamaster0 +88

Hey Kyle, why don't you buy a server rack, use it as a background and then it also becomes a prop. You can build a computer inside a 4u case. They even have PVM/monitors/screens that take up 3-4u and you can load up like logos or cool stats and stuff and add some RGB. Also will help with the cable management with power and stuff

Sinan Y +94
Sinan Y

Hey Kyle, just wanted to let you know that you make my day with every upload. Love the content!❤️

Razear +22

There's something oddly satisfying about watching someone else clean up. It's like visual ASMR. lol

Shin3n +23

Turns out he just puts everything out of that room into another room to make this room look clean, then on the next episode hes gonna be cleaning the room he put this rooms stuff into

mruybkye +199

"Its a his and hers type thing, but obviously its just me" damn fam, damn😔

Delugional +8

I love this kind of content more than actual tech related content!

charles monroe +60
charles monroe

I would love to have an office like that lol, mine got turned into a cat room.

Sandy Maguire +56
Sandy Maguire

"so im just gonna go ahead and get started, i hope you guys are ready for some good deep cleaning time lapses OH SHI-"


Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, Kyle. That room looks amazing.

Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson

Kyle great to see you getting things in order. I know how hard it has been for you keep it up and looking forward to some great content (Never fear Kyle is here)

r e d +1
r e d

I like to see these videos where Kyle brings us along on to show his progress on his house


2022 is going to be your year, Kyle. You've come a long way, and are keep making massive strides in the right direction. I cant wait to see what this upcoming year has for you!

14 dagen geleden
The Advisor Files +1
The Advisor Files

That murphy bed idea may be good for the "former closet" space. It will keep it out the way and offer max room when it comes down. I wonder about the available room if its in the same space as that futon and needs to b3 folded out.

Boru +1

Been around since before 1 mil. You helped me build my first pc, keep your head up, keep grinding videos. One of the best tech YouTubers there is!!

Chris Wiken +120
Chris Wiken

NGL, I got a wee bit sad when I saw ex-wifey's PC still sitting there in disuse


you should do more like this video. your battle plans and maybe recommendations what to have for your rooms for tech and stuff? idk just something i really enjoyed with this video today :)

An Average Gamer +34
An Average Gamer

"Just ignore cable management for now"


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