How can a PC store SO PERFECT exist?!

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    Thanks to Micro Center for sponsoring this video and inviting me to build a PC in their store to give away! Enter the giveaway using the link below.


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Bitwit +970

Thanks to Micro Center for sponsoring this video!

Graphics Card +1
Graphics Card

Whoever thought of the idea of building a PC in store is a genius!

Xycron +418

Man, I thought the Denver remodel was awesome. This is next level.

Alex Joseph +329
Alex Joseph

The fact that there's any 3000 series GPU's in stock a few days after Jay's video is amazing

Louay Hachani +306
Louay Hachani

As a nerd living in the 3rd word, I always am amazed by the amount of diverse parts I see in the background of every microcenter video

Bayan Zabihiyan +71
Bayan Zabihiyan

I'm so glad a brick and motor store like microcenter is doing so well. I knew for certain that it will be the "consumer electronics" section that keeps the stores alive as PC builders are generally more inclined to buy stuff online in order to save $5.

Rogan +79

Micro Center is literally the only store I “go just to go.”

AlphaOutlaw2_2 +269

Hey Kyle!,

Rerum Trading +76
Rerum Trading

Imagine if Bitwit, Austin Evans, and JayzTwoCents were at the store at the same time making their individual videos for the store.

Rave +47

Ah yes, Microcenter. The store that has every computer part except the one I'm looking for.

Bob Stewart +1
Bob Stewart

This is fantastic! Other retailers could take a lesson from them.

Jonas Okyekyeku +28
Jonas Okyekyeku

Building a pc there is just creative thinking and also means you have everything around you. Should something not fit or work well you can replace it instantly. Nothing can go bad 😀

Alyssa Angel +6
Alyssa Angel

I’ve been to 3 MicroCenters so far, Tustin (Orange County), Chicago, and St. Louis.

Turner G +582
Turner G

My "Local" microcenter has had a rather surprising stock of modern gpus every time I've gone, but the building itself looks like they've been crawling along with some sort of remodeling for about 15 months

ThinkerOnTheBus +13

Yeah, it appears as though Micro Center is doing incredibly well, which I am glad to see, but that just means they need to open a location close to me. I don't even expect them to open in my city, unless they are doing well enough to have a location in both Phoenix, and Tucson. Otherwise, I would be willing to make that three hour round trip drive to Phoenix and back to be able to shop physically inside of a brick and mortar store such as Micro Center!

Blackapino The Apple Guy +7
Blackapino The Apple Guy

It's always good too see content creators like you and Jay doing Give away's

Daffy Plays +1
Daffy Plays

Wish all of you good luck!

Devocivided +14

Me: I'm scared of breaking the PC when building it.

AD8Keyz +4

I’ve worked at micro center for almost 5 years. Absolutely love this store!

welmoepics +95

Kyle's the perfect spokesperson for Microcenter. It's been ages since I've been to the Tustin one but glad it's been renovated.