My RECKLESS data archiving habits end TODAY - *48 TB* NAS to the Rescue!

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    Ever since my office server went down, I've been at EXTREMELY high risk of losing all my data. It's finally time for a change.

    Here's a list of different Synology NAS units you might like:

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etc arief +245
etc arief

I can see Linus falling apart in pain because Kyle didn't get his help

PG Plays Video Games +17
PG Plays Video Games

I personally have over 50 TB to myself so this video is like "oh. my problem isn't actually a problem after all"

DemonMaster +251


Martin Rojas +45
Martin Rojas

Agree with some of the other comments on here. Particularly with the Synology unit it was a mistake to not use SHR or SHR-2. That is leaving a lot of functionality on the table and a lot of the things that make the Synology stand out from other Nas solutions

IridiumFlare +22

I definitely disagree with the raid you chose. SHR-2 would have been more useful imo. Gives you two drives of redundancy and you can mix drive sizes.

Nimble Bitz +28
Nimble Bitz

Kyle I hope you have shadowcopy turned on. This is for previous versions of files. Eats space but it's an extra safety net.


I've actually been thinking about upgrading from my 2 bay Synology to one of their 5-6 Bay models. Personally love using resilio sync to mimic all the functionality of Dropbox or Google drive.

lee x +6
lee x

Note if your using write cache nvme please make sure you have a backup of your nas (well should anyway) , as there is a risk of total data loss if one of the 2 nvme hangs it can also hang the nas and when it boots back up the pool might be destroyed due to missing metadata (or the nas incorrectly boots both nvme on boot up) don't expect the raid1 to save you here


I've been using a DS418 with 4TB WD drives, this thing is amazing.. I have it setup to back up all of my PCs & Phones, can access the data anywhere in the world. Also have it setup as a VPN Gateway and a PIX boot server. Incredible tech packed into such a small unit.

Omni Phillips +15
Omni Phillips

That's the NAS I have my Plex Server and storage on. I did grab a 10GbE network card for it and an additional 5-bay eSATA enclosure as well. I was going to do NVME cache but I used the built in tool that tells you if it would affect your usage and it turns out it wouldn't, money saved there. I also love Synology Hybrid Raid for speed and redundancy.

Matthew Strong +1
Matthew Strong

Add compression or data deduplication on top of lots of storage space for even more room for stuff.

Gluten Free Gam3r +38
Gluten Free Gam3r

Really digging the clips that hold those NVME drives in place!

Christiaan Venter
Christiaan Venter

My school uses Synology drives to keep backups of everything;

Sloth Gaming
Sloth Gaming

Got a DS 220+ from Synology a couple days ago and have been having some issues with port forwarding and seeding in download station, as well as third party apps but other than that it's been fine. Hope they get better as time goes on.

tcntad +10

You should know a RAID isnt a backup solution but a storage solution for high uptime. Keep multiple backups of things you really wanna keep

Michael Reif
Michael Reif

Would love to have someone show a DAS system (like OWC Thunderbolt) with a NAS system like Synology for backup. Which is faster and easier to use. Trying to find info. is tough. Seems a lot of info. on Macs and not PCs.

John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk

thanks for the video kyle and teaching everyone even me what a nas is about for storage.😀🙂😉


You cannot go wrong with Synology. I've been telling all these storage hungry youtubers for years!


I bulit a NAS myself with the Node 304 (after watching Paul's video) and it has been great. Node 304, i5-9500K, 16Gb RAM, 512GB SSD, 2x14TB 3.5 HDD (Shucked WD), with room for 4 more 3.5. I use is as a Plex server.

Gear1Hundred +77

Looks like the audio is back! Good Job!