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Rocologan +19

I stayed the whole 8 hours, it was so fun! Good luck to all on the giveaway!!

CubanBeast +12

Awesome to see both of you collaborating again!

Wrathlon +7

So good to see you and Paul together again.

twitchsurat +6

Totally just run across your channel about an hour ago im looking into building my first gaming pc, and looking for good reference and information before I tackle the job. Wish I would have been a day earlier to get in on the giveaway 😂 but regardless you gained a sub and hopefully I will get this build going soon 👍

Steven Woodworth +4
Steven Woodworth

Totally get all the reasons Awesome Hardware is on pause. Seeing this makes us all miss it. If it isn't asking too much maybe we can beg you both for Holiday editions (weekend or day before so you aren't working on holidays) of Awesome Hardware in this sort of format without all the giveaways but still open donations?

John Monkey +3
John Monkey

Thanks to both you guys... about to build my own pc pretty soon and have been following y'alls "how to" videos many times. So.. thanks.


I stayed the whole 8 hours it was so fun, Good luck to everyone in the giveaway

r e d +3
r e d

always a great time with Kyle and Paul

malibuman792004 +1

That was a great stream.

LeafyImpulse +12

I stayed the entire 8 hours pretty chill (Had it on my ipad on my desk while playing some games apex on the ps4 bc ps5 sells out quick)

Think Big +2
Think Big

Awesome Stuff!!!! Spend my birthday watching it, no regrets!!


I actually synced paul's stream to this. It's pretty weird but satisfying to watch :D ... up until you guys took eachother's audio in. Now it's echoland. :D


Great stream!


I'm legit just here to ask what the average view rate was for an 8 hour stream watched by 40k people. 5 mins? 5 hours? 67 minutes and 18 seconds?


Hey man, did you check Henry Cavill’s interview on The Late Show?

b3l!ev3r g0d +1
b3l!ev3r g0d

@Bitwit, you just got mention by SUPERMAN Henry Cavill in Stephen Colbert's Lata Show! He referenced watching you specifically helping him with building his own gaming rig!

Isekai Buff +1
Isekai Buff

24 years of not winning anything all comes down to this lmao

Nick +3

Dude, you just got a shout out from Superman on Colbert. That’s some serious cred.


Fun the whole day!

WheezinGeezerTV +2

Okay, "THIS JUST IN". About 10 minutes ago Henry Cavill the star of "Superman Man of Steel" and star of the TV series "The Witcher" just gave you a "Shout Out" on the Tonight Show starring Stephen Colbert. They were discussing how he is a gamer and built his own computer. And they showed a quick video of him going through the process. When done, Stephen asked him, "I don't see any instructions, how do you learn to build your own computer, friends?" And Henry replied, "Youtube videos. There's this guy "BITWIT Kyle that I follow."