The state of my studio is UNACCEPTABLE!

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Starius +229

Kyle, Re: LED Hot Spots. Try taking off that outer cover of the strips and spray the cover with Frosted Glass spray paint. It may give it more of that diffusion layer effect you're hoping to achieve.

Shane Acker +148
Shane Acker

Hey Kyle, ran into a similar problem with led hotspots on my govee strip. Flipped it a little sideways so the led was pointing into a solid surface and it toned the hotspots completely and I didn't even need a diffuser. If the channel is wide enough flip the strip so it points toward the wall and you may get more of what you are looking for.

Owen Stevenson +36
Owen Stevenson

The Capsule is definitely a 8/10 for me

hamza nawaz +3
hamza nawaz

i love when your studio is messy or need any renovation or when your changing your studio layout because these video are so entertaning to watch i can watch them for hours love you kyle keep making these kind of videos

TheAnoniemo +2

You can also get LED "NEON" strips that are molded in a diffuser and have absolutely no hotspots. They look amazing, but are less bright.

Thomas L. +275
Thomas L.

The LEDs are too close to the plastic diffuser, that’s why you’re still seeing hotspots. If you had a channel that was “deeper” they’d disappear.

Charles Butterworth +2
Charles Butterworth

Best thing to do with the LED strips is pull the shelf out by an inch and then mount them to the back, that way you only see the reflection and not the direct light from the LED's. This would create the problem of re-mounting the shelves and also the light would be visible from above the shelf, but it would get rid of the hotspots.

eat my fard +155
eat my fard

Honestly as unorganized as it is, my gosh is it a tech nerds dream

Roger G. +8
Roger G.

Kyle, instead of using the usual led strips. Use the Govee Glides on that spot! They're amazing and will elevate the streaming background!

Alexander Schlickenmaier +2
Alexander Schlickenmaier

A lot of good ideas for the LED diffusers already, my suggestion was to just cut some thin strips of white paper and put them between the LEDs and the diffuser. They'll be dimmer but should be more diffuse 🤷🏼‍♂️ cheap and easy ghetto hack using what you most likely already have

hoongfu +3

You and Paul cleaning is so encouraging and therapeutic to watch.

Joe Lindholm +3
Joe Lindholm

We ordered three sets of four shelf liners per pack for those wire shelving racks. Yeah, instead of putting all three sets in one big box, they sent us three big boxes with one set of liners in each box. Amazon's gotta be better than that. :)

Jonathan Mayer +1
Jonathan Mayer

I think you chose the hardest way to put those LEDs in those channels. :)

Spencer Hanson +14
Spencer Hanson

The way you say "we" makes me feel like I'm there helping. It was fun 😂


I will be getting similar v shape diffuser channels for home gym and I was expecting hotspots to still show up, but I heard adding strips of white paper can help to diffuse them more, and sticking the lights to back of the channels would be good idea too. Or buying more dense strips

PokeMan Kirito
PokeMan Kirito

Its was actually super satisfying to watch the transformation of that,also the LEDs look hella cool

J T +4

The rainbow chase mode makes the LED strip look like an old-school marquee... Actually looks cool if switching between chase and blink

Karano Ojha
Karano Ojha

Remove the shelves, cut the length of the strip itself, place the right angeled bracket on the inside of the shelve, that way you will have the led's bouncing off the wall. That should give you the look you are looking for.

Dennis Smith +12
Dennis Smith

Wondering if Kyle talks to himself with all the sounds, and songs and voices when he is by himself even perhaps in his head.

KeyTech +1

Kyle, your energy is unacceptable, always so hyped around you