NZXT teaches me how to build a computer

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Bitwit +82

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ToadFan9999 +556

props to nzxt honestly, this is probably going to get ALOT of people into PC gaming, and the custom pc space

Tim_Logik +249

As a technical writer and someone familiar with book printing, NZXT have gone above and beyond with this manual. Just the fact that all of it is printed in color says a lot. All the extra illustrations that are just there to make you feel better about your experience are also great even though they could have easily skipped those to save money and no one would have complained. Now that they have this, they can easily use it as a base and make manuals for other builds much quicker or just make it a bit more general and sell it as a manual for how to build any PC. Of course, they'll probably keep it exclusive to their kits since that's a clear competitive advantage. Awesome stuff!

guardian1102 +372

You know, when we say PC building is like LEGOs for grownups, I didn't expect anyone would take it quite literally to even make child-friendly assembly manual for it.

Robert Dayton +207
Robert Dayton

I'd love to see Lyle attempt one of these build guides. Of course, he doesn't need it, but just for demonstration purposes :)

Average Sneed Enjoyer +169
Average Sneed Enjoyer

This is really well done. Would've loved one of these back when I got started learning through trial and (mostly) error

llamapi3 +25

Really appreciate NZXT putting out this kind of product. It's brilliant and encourages people to do it themselves which doesn't necessarily benefit NZXT in the long run. It's pro-consumer and makes me want to buy their products more.

Buckdalorian +100

Thank god NZXT came out with this as I was still using the Verge guide to build pc’s.

HudsonGTV +104


SnomoSam +4

As someone with an incredibly outdated PC, and as someone that's been considering buying a prebuilt from NZXT, I love that they've come out with this. I've never built a PC myself before because it's always seemed so intimidating. Being responsible for building my own rig sounds terrifying. But honestly, as cringe as the whole treasure hunt adventure may be to some, seeing the way they've laid out the guidebook has definitely made it seem more lighthearted and fun.

Keith Pearce +8
Keith Pearce

I was really impressed with this, back when I did my first build I bought a couple of books and they were nowhere near as good as this one. That was years ago, perhaps there are better books out there nowadays, but it would be cool if NZXT would sell the book on amazon for a reasonable price.

James +133

NZXT should have called it the BLDIY. Build it yourself.

Razear +2

This is a great all-in-one kit for a first time builder. Reminds me of the barebone systems you could get, but this is even easier because you can get all of the components under one brand. The step-by-step guide with visuals is a very nice addition. This kit also makes RMA requests easier too since you only have to deal with one merchant. And of course the ability to get a GPU at a reasonable price without getting gouged.

Rias +18

this build guide thing NZXT is doing is very refreshing to the PC space.

DctrGizmo +1

I’m really impressed with the book! All the illustrations are amazing and they explained every step that’s easy to understand for everyone. Well done NZXT!

John Williams +6
John Williams

Hey Kyle, in the video walkthrough NZXT made, for the cpu installation they actually do tell you to move the motherboard arm sideways to lift it up

Mike White +19
Mike White

This is the handbook NZXT give to new employees for their first builds ;o)



Chris Shafik
Chris Shafik

This is actually brilliant and so well made! This & your video all in one is going to help me so much with building my pc.

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cannibalown1 +4

this is something we in sweden has had for years nice to see other brands branching out and doing this