Finally giving Team BLUE a chance - My First Alder Lake DDR5 Build

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ZHR1234 +322

Henry cavil AKA Superman himself named dropped bitwit Kyle on Stephen Colbert last night. He talked about how you taught him how to build his PC. Congrats to you.

WrittenInCode_ +117

Love how Kyle talks like a sommelier when picking out parts.

Steve, TheDailyShaver +70
Steve, TheDailyShaver

I see Henry Cavill (The Witcher, Actor) gave you a shout out & nice plug on The Late Show, Steven Cober as he used your how-to's to build his own gaming rig! Its like watching a guy who could easily play superman, fiddle with a screwdriver awkwardly was funny! Nice guy, good interview and nice to see him appreciate the work you do. Cheers, from OZ

tsudeno +55

seeing an intel build for a change is refreshing, cant wait to download some ddr5 ram

MrGronk716 +3

And yet another absolutely beautiful rig. Love watching you build rigs and stuff. Helps me learn alot given I'm still pretty new to the pc scene

Nick Miller +3
Nick Miller

I love the aspect of your build videos where you go pick the parts from your stock. I watch a dozen tech channels and no one else does that, it adds a lot.

14 dagen geleden
Dewald Schuler +11
Dewald Schuler

Just wow. This build looks awesome! Intel should be proud.

Matasa +20

Actually, Kyle, the Blower style card is fine being up next to the glass, because that’s actually a blower cooler’s strong point!

TheVillainOfTheYear +4

Love build videos! Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through you!

Tyler M. +2
Tyler M.

Would love to see that GPU vertical, I think it would look sick


Man I envy you so much Kyle, awesome build as always.

Sparknot +6

Thats interesting. My FE 3090 is usually 62-64C in this game. I play on 3440*1440 Ultra settings. Goes to show the stock air cooler really does work well. To be fair I have 9 case fans.

Welcome to Ron's World +4
Welcome to Ron's World

Kyle that is a great PC you build for your Home Office. Nice system, nice build.

Avalon2040 +97

I'm just wondering how the Henry Cavill Bitwit Kyle name drop last night on Colbert is going to effect short term views on videos. They are always fun and the end systems always look better than what my main system ended up being.

Justin Barker
Justin Barker

I get so jealous when I see content creators have more inventory than the stores

Mike Oleksa
Mike Oleksa

Just something to throw out there. Does it really matter how close to the glass the graphics card is if it's mounted vertically? It is liquid cooled and the airflow is dealt with at the radiator location, not at the graphics card itself. Maybe I'm missing something here.

Dag geleden
nii okai addy +8
nii okai addy

Kyle has racks/shelfs of pc parts just like microcenter :-)

Brian Whitlock +2
Brian Whitlock

Awesome build Kyle, just curious though why you didn’t do any coverage or videos about Alder Lake launch?

Darth Mayhem
Darth Mayhem

Dude, that is a beautiful build! I'd like to see the graphics card vertical as well. Tasteful use of RGB, not too much. Gorgeous mobo as well.

28 dagen geleden
M Nichols
M Nichols

Looking forward to replacing my CPU to a new 12th gen series after new years. Hopefully DDR5 will be available by then :)

21 dag geleden