Building the home gaming setup I don't deserve!

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    Finally revamping my entire home office setup for high-end gaming, streaming and editing!

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    Corsair iCUE 4000X:
    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X:
    Asus ROG Strix B550-A Gaming:
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Ben Stiver +77
Ben Stiver

Your setup is very similar in layout to mine. Have you considered an arm for those monitors? I have mine on one, and I love having the extra desk space given up by the stands.

Randy Martin +123
Randy Martin

You should use some white vinyl to skin your monitors it's fairly easy and will make a big difference in the set up

Sam Hicks +98
Sam Hicks

"Plus I open a couple Chrome tabs" - well there's at least 32gb of the Ram used.

Levi Coffey +5
Levi Coffey

Hope your experience with those dom plats is better than mine. I bought a 32 gig kit and two of the spine LED's failed and stuck on blue within a week. I RMA'd them, and out of the sealed box the replacements had the same issue. It wasn't the DIMM slots either, I swapped the effected stick between each slot, it was the sticks. AFTER I started having the issue I researched the white dom plats at the level I wish I had before dropping cash on them - it's apparently a problem specifically with the white variant. I've got Vengeance Pro sticks in my build now, those seem to be working fine.

h91 +170


Albert Gonzalez
Albert Gonzalez

Congratulations on the setup, I really liked it. One question, what are the dimensions of the table? Because I want to buy a 32-inch monitor and I don't know if the table I want to buy is very small, but from what you see, the table you have fits perfectly.

Shea Tyson +39
Shea Tyson


TheHANburgler +128

Why Kyle needs 64GB of ram: "I open a couple Chrome tabs from time to time"

Mathew Bricker +40
Mathew Bricker

I find it funny that this was basically a build video of my pc except I have a 3070 and different custom cables. I'm also using a different keyboard and mouse. But other than that it was identical in every way including the rgb configuration


It is what u deserve u worked for it u have went through everything to get it u are amazing and u deserve everything and anything u wish for

Ben Hamilton +5
Ben Hamilton

All that gear is beautiful. Nice lookin' build, sir!

Spam Email
Spam Email

Looks lovely but I couldn’t bring myself to have a non airflow version of that case

Will Painter
Will Painter

Love this video, good quality and commentary. But, you make me so damn jealous i want a pc so bad i’m working to get one and almost got one should be looking at one next year

Thrasher305 +1

Looks beautiful.. the wood table finish doesn't mesh well with the overall aesthetic though..


Oh man... Given an unlimited budget, I would build something extremely similar to that... so clean.

The Suave Gent +1
The Suave Gent

I don't personally like a white setup, but kyle nailed it. It looks clean, without looking sterile.

Brian Lawson
Brian Lawson

Have to say, the video production of the part assembly was outstanding.

Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson

Love it, just hope you don’t run into the same problem I did with the 4000d airflow. I had it, a 360 rad up front(h150i elite) and a 3090 suprim x, and it couldn’t deliver enough air to the suprim x. It even ended up trying to draw its own air through the rear pci bracket covers. Moved it back into my old enthoo luxe (719) and it’s dropped a good 20 - 25 degrees on average. I know the 719 delivers much more air to the gpu, but it was a huge difference. Poor gpu was starved since none of the air the bottom 1 1/4 fans and radiator was able to get to it with the psu shroud and hard drive shroud in the way. The suprim x was about 5mm away from the radiator and since it’s so close to the glass side panel it was suffocating.

Pixels Without Borders
Pixels Without Borders

Makes me want to do a white build!

Matty Oaks
Matty Oaks

Just finished my white build! Love white builds. GG. May consider skinning the monitors in white too…