IT'S BACK! My secret plans for the Jägermeister PC...REVEALED!

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    The Jägermeister Build is back! I've been sitting on some big plans for this PC for months now, but now I'm finally sharing them with you. If I can actually pull this off, we'll be taking this build TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF COOL!!

    Miss the original Jägermeister build video?

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Gecko +128

I don’t know how that chiller actually works, but I don’t think using it to cool the fluid would be a good idea. Kinda like how putting a pc in a fridge doesn’t actually help it stay cooler, the machine really isn’t supposed to handle a constant heat output. You put your food in the fridge, it lowers the temperature back down to the setting, and then the insulation is what actually keeps it cold. If you constantly pipe 70° fluid into that chiller, I would assume it would end up wearing out the compressor (or however it chills) fairly quickly. Maybe you could just make it look like it cools the fluid, routing your tubes into the bottles and out the dispenser, but then use radiators to actually cool the loop.

jamie birbeck +185
jamie birbeck

You could take your glass bottle to a glass cutting specalist and they could make a pipe attached onto it for you that was air tight that is the only suggestion i have.

tarfeef _ +137
tarfeef _

you'll want to make sure that the chiller/condenser is rated for 24/7 operation, they often are not.

FragaGeddon +20


Connor Varney +9
Connor Varney

I don't know the exact specs of the cooler but I doubt it designed for continuous operation (esp. given its meant for cold shots). It might run for a while but it wouldn't be something to leave running for longer than a few benchmarks and I don't know how big of a difference you'll see as a result. It might be something where its not always running but occasionally use it to give the loop a "shot" of cold fluid. Drilling the bottles might be difficult but there might be fittings you could put into a drilled hole that would act similar to a regular tube fitting on the outside?

Steve Hall +5
Steve Hall

Btw, adding any refrigeration will always add condensation and heat. The way that air is cooled is by removing moisture. That moisture has to be exhausted somewhere. Unless you have a plan, this will not work very long

ItsSanty +13

Right now, the PC looks amazing on its own. While I believe in your abilities, this build is perfect as it is. Good luck!

Interrobang +8

The Jager build is the coolest and most unique thing you've done in years I really love it. Sweet B-roll too!

Blai5e +2

I think you're guaranteed to get condensation due to your fluid being sub-ambient. You could test condensation by using the

jmporkbob +8

Living in the Southeast US, I definitely feel afraid about condensation. Even if there is none where it's dry where you are, doesn't mean there won't be where it's going. If it's humid and you have cold fluid in there, I don't see how condensation doesn't happen.

BlackBird +1

I want this to work. I'm very interested to see the progress. That said there is no way the jagermeister chilling machine can take the flow rate and/or the BTUs of heat from the pc. I hope I'm wrong, and interested to see what you do next.

Jon Smith +49
Jon Smith

Jäger is the only proper name for a build of this size. Plus it's a pretty cool tie in to Pacific Rim.


this build is soo soo rad one of my favorite machines you have ever made Kyle love it man, be looking forward to see the next one keep rockin as always!!

Brandon Dodson
Brandon Dodson

You might want a float switch in the bottles or some other valve to keep from pressureizing the reserve for the cooler.

Adam Hooper
Adam Hooper

In regards to condensation, keep in mind the room it will sit in will likely be air conditioned. I'm sure it will be fine but the extra coolness could potentially dip the temps that bit lower.

its DOVAH +4

To eliminate all risks with the jager build i suggest u hook up the cooler witha testing bench and leave ir running because iam not really sure that coolers are made to be operational 24/7


The only idea I can think that might work well for making airtight seals is using gasket maker to seal up the fittings to the glass

Tom Cooney +1
Tom Cooney

If you’re super worried about condensation I guess you could just cool the hot output from the cpu rather than front load the cooling system with cold water. That way it will be be getting rid of heat without creating excessively cold temps, might not be as efficient however.

TechNovice +1

Condensation may be an issue depending on how cold the chiller gets. Also the chiller is not designed for long periods of operation but should be fine for a video.

Kuma_Score +1

I would be concerned about tiny glass particles from the drilling the bottle but I assume you have a plan for dealing with that