How to Choose Parts for a PC! The Ultimate Compatibility Guide!

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    Here's my HOW TO **BUILD** A PC tutorial!

    I remember the stress I felt trying to select components for my first PC. Here's a nifty guide to help those in the same boat.

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    How to Choose Parts for a PC! The Ultimate Compatibility Guide!


Ban Greed +2
Ban Greed

PC case

2 jaar geleden
WuzNab +4


2 jaar geleden
ok +3

"i'll break it up nice and simple"

2 jaar geleden
fudgems -orangekookaburra- +16
fudgems -orangekookaburra-

Aw man this helped a TON. I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to knowing what goes with what, but this taught me exactly what I need to know to narrow things down based on my pre-existing case. For anyone confused, just draw up the octagon he described. It also helps to at least know what each part does and how it goes together...

2 jaar geleden
Harley Adam +66
Harley Adam

Don't forget to pay attention to the height of 2.5" drives, as not all 2.5" drives are the same height (SSDs are usually 7mm, hard drives are typically 9.5mm). Some cases (Mini ITX cases in particular) will have mounting locations that are only 7mm high, preventing the mounting of spinning platter-type hard drives.

3 jaar geleden
spellredlster +3

Finished watching the video, I think it's about PC's

2 jaar geleden
Paul's Hardware +463
Paul's Hardware

To add to the M.2 drive form factor/compatibility confusion (and thanks for the plug for my video BTW <3), there's also U.2 drives now like Intel's SSD 750. U.2 is actually a Mini SAS plug that's wired up for a PCIE connection. Simplest way I can put it is this: the fastest SSDs now connect directly via PCI Express, and use the NVME protocol which is designed for SSDs. Physically they can plug in via an M.2 slot, SATA Express plug (though I still haven't seen any drives that actually use this one), a U.2 connector or directly to a PCI Express slot.

5 jaar geleden
Tech With Sean +411
Tech With Sean

Person: I heard building a PC is easy

2 jaar geleden
Jerrad Willard +26
Jerrad Willard

Another tip is to make sure the CPU you pick will be operating at an equal or greater data flow in comparison to the video card so that you prevent bottlenecking your system. For more details search for PC bottlenecking articles.

2 jaar geleden
SodaThief +11

This helped me so much when I built my pc that December and I just came back to it for reference and it still helped with my plans to upgrade.

2 jaar geleden
Jairo Morales +7
Jairo Morales


3 jaar geleden
Herbert Kisirske +28
Herbert Kisirske

I used this video to successfully build my first pc, thank you.

2 jaar geleden
Cesar Martinez +1
Cesar Martinez

I have heard that building a pc is like legos for big kids.

3 jaar geleden
Emanuele Di Blasi +3
Emanuele Di Blasi

THANK YOU so so so so much for this! I've spent at least 15 hours this week watching videos to understand how to choose pc part wisely and I've found literally nothing so awesome and complete and useful. I was in a confusion about all this stuff and this helped me really a lot. Thank you again for this incredible piece of knowledge.

3 jaar geleden
Hullzy +562

I Hope This Helps :)

3 jaar geleden
A Loser +2
A Loser

"This guide is ment for new builders to understand"

2 jaar geleden
Keven Geraghty +2
Keven Geraghty

This video is so good! Thanks for the content bitwit. I've had this video in my playlists for ages now and I still find myself watching again when I want to change some parts in a computer to avoid pulling the trigger too fast on a part that might not fit properly.

Jaar geleden
Sam Watkins +1
Sam Watkins

Great video, it's somewhat scary all the combinations we need to consider when building a PC! One other thing, with CPU and GPU, not so much about compatibility but of course it's good to get a CPU and GPU that will perform well together and not bottleneck. There is also the issue of "budget compatibility", buying parts that go well together for a certain limited budget. These days we also need to consider RGB compatibility, which might be more complex than everything else!

2 jaar geleden
Stingy String +849
Stingy String

You know, whenever I watch one of these videos they start off by saying don't worry, anyone can understand this tutorial! And then 3 minutes in I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what they are talking about

4 jaar geleden

Thank you for making this video. I’m building my first gaming pc soon and I am so scared that there will be compatibility issues. This helped a lot, great video!

3 jaar geleden