This case is TOO EXTRA for a basic build. Don't make the mistake I did! NEW Lian Li O11D EVO

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Bitwit +160

Forgot to mention the case is fully reversible, so you can flip the motherboard tray around and have the mobo on the right side, PSU on the left, etc. Kinda cool, but hardly unique. IMO you'll still need to run a custom loop & leverage more of this case's features for it to be worth the $179.99 US MSRP. Feel free to share your thoughts.

28 dagen geleden
CT Tech Gaming +45
CT Tech Gaming

This may have been mentioned but in case you didn't know. the removeable plate on the case behind the GPU can be reversed which will give you much more room when mounting the GPU in the upright position

28 dagen geleden
OhItsThat +47

Personally I like my GPUs mounted traditionally. I like the look of the backplate, side of the gpu and Pcie cables over the look of the fans.

28 dagen geleden
Leeland Nimtz +48
Leeland Nimtz

The problem is you didn't turn around the mounting plate that the GPU holder can bolt to. The front right side mounting plate not only can be changed but is reversable an moves it closer to the right outside panel giving you more room on the inside of the case to mount the top rad an fans. Looks like you rushed this build a little to get the review out.

28 dagen geleden
Jay MacPherson +5
Jay MacPherson

If custom painting of a case is “basic,” then this case is a dream with all its and modularity. Strictly from a parts build, I still find it a leap beyond most alternatives as one vendor has it listed for ~$150 US. That price seems very competitive given its flexibility.

21 dag geleden
Evelyn Paplauskas +8
Evelyn Paplauskas

One more addition which would be small but awesome: A rear PCI slot panels that has the relocatable "front" I/O connections. If you can decide which side to locate those ports, why not put them on the rear?

28 dagen geleden
Xii-Nyth +7

in a normal case with fans in the front, having a video card facing forwars (1 90* turn from original position) would be really optimal, this is why I like cases with fans on the bottom such as this one, pretty sure they snuck into my room and took my design though since I also put fans on the side....

28 dagen geleden
Blai5e +32

The O11D XL has the same GPU anti-sag bracket. I vertically mounted my GPU so I didn't need it but I did install it in my other rig (Phanteks 719) that has w/cooled SLI'ed cards mounted traditionally and it works very well - no sag, no wiggle.

28 dagen geleden
Omni Phillips
Omni Phillips

My idea for a custom loop with the side GPU mount was to use soft tubing over top of the riser cable to hide it.

28 dagen geleden
Gearhead +55

i can see this case being used in op pc bulids with the rgb ssds that get really hot and the mess from pannel

28 dagen geleden
Kozi03 +1

That sag bracket is literally the best. I bought one on its own 6 months ago to use in my NZXT 500 and worked perfectly!

28 dagen geleden
Andrew Bergesson +1
Andrew Bergesson

The idea of having that huge riser cable spanning across the mobo for the sake of that vertically mounted GPU is insane. This would be purely a performance move for people who do not care about aesthetics. I appreciate the innovation and modularity but this just simply seems like a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.".

21 dag geleden
Evan Holtnik +8
Evan Holtnik

would it have been easier to feed wires through for the GPU if you used the fan holder panel instead of the HDD Panel?

28 dagen geleden

I wonder if getting a long riser and going through the bottom holes to the back side instead would look better? It would be better if the fan back plate worked with the vertical mount.

21 uur geleden
Kyle White +2
Kyle White

3 things. #1: I'm pretty sure you're meant to use the fan bracket with the upright GPU mount so you'd have big, wide-open spaces (yeah!) to route the PCIe cables through. I could be wrong, idk.

28 dagen geleden

Surprised they didn't let the upright GPU mount also be attached at the bottom instead of the top of the case. That would free up radiator clearance on the top a bit and allow the GPU power to come straight out of the slots at the MB. Would need to create a slot near the front for the PCI-E extension cable though

28 dagen geleden
JoJoBaByonTTV +2

The LED riser cable for the gpu would look sick imo

28 dagen geleden

You can work it upside down, probably hide little more the ribbon cable for GPU. And the radiator front to back, and pipe lube will be by end of the case

28 dagen geleden
DyxanKW +1

With an ITX mother board could you hypothetically route the PCIE riser cable behind the motherboard tray?

28 dagen geleden
KnaGGelMan +18

The should've made the hdd cage in a way that you could mount a 5,25" ssd cage.

28 dagen geleden