It's Been One Year - Thoughts to close out 2021

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Bitwit +2

All of your comments are filled with so much love, it's overwhelming. I can hardly go through them without tearing up.

14 dagen geleden
TastyPC +710

I'm really sorry to hear that you've joined the depression gang. I hope 2022 is amazing for you.

14 dagen geleden
Dark +104

Damn near shed a tear because it’s tough to talk about these kinds of things let alone to the camera. I’m glad to hear that things are heading in the right direction. Bless your soul and happy new year

Dag geleden
Victor Banks +23
Victor Banks

This year has been tough for us all some more than others, I lost my Mother due to COVID, it's been a tough couple of months but I am holding it together pretty good. Keep your head up Kyle it will continue to get better.

14 dagen geleden
xHomiez +168

bro i'm a fan watching u all the way from saudi arabia , u've been a huge help for me and we're all willing to be the biggest help for u , keep ur head up and smile dude 💕.

14 dagen geleden
Augustus Au +16
Augustus Au

As a divorcee myself I understand the feelings that you may have gone through and wish you all the best in the coming years. In my case its been over 10years and although I'm still affected by the experience, I still try my best to stay positive by doing things that I like eg. working out, playing guitar and playing PC games.

Dag geleden
emmittsmith482 +41

Kyle, you’re a freaking trooper and an inspiration to all of us who are mentally struggling. You’re my absolute favourite creator and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we love you so much.

14 dagen geleden
Sam F +50
Sam F

This is why I love Bitwit, he is always personal with his audience and can connect with us.

14 dagen geleden
Oscar Delgado +30
Oscar Delgado

Sorry to hear about what you went through. Being a divorcee myself all I can say is that it gets better. Keep you head up so you can heal and recover soon because it is a Happy New Year!

14 dagen geleden
iTzTurtlexD +44

I can only imagine how hard it is to stare at a camera and share deep feelings like this but I'm soo glad you did! I know we're just youtube users in a comment section but we love you! I've watched your videos for years and didn't realize how much I cared about your well being until seeing you vulnerable. I want to see you make videos for years to come but most importantly, I want to see you happy for years to come. Healing takes time, there's no rushing it. Take your time, much love from DTX <3

14 dagen geleden

I had a similar year, my girlfriend of 7 years and I seperated, and I've dealt with a lot of similar issues. Life is hard somethimes, but the strength to keep your head up is a monument to your improving mental health. Stay Awesome Kyle.

2 uur geleden
Estevan Leyva +63
Estevan Leyva

Damn near shed a tear because it’s tough to talk about these kinds of things let alone to the camera. I’m glad to hear that things are heading in the right direction. Bless your soul and happy new year

14 dagen geleden
Muaz Osman +1
Muaz Osman

I'm happy that you are healing brother. It's never easy, but it's the end goal that makes it worth it. Be well

14 dagen geleden
Simon Kaiklian +6
Simon Kaiklian

"The people I love are the only things that truly matter...and to make myself room on that list." That hit home for me. It was such a very poignant thing to say. We give so much of ourselves out love that we forget about our own selves. You are an awesome person, and your followers will agree. Keep fighting the good fight. I hope that this new year brings amazing things for you and for all of us.

21 uur geleden
Nick Pimm
Nick Pimm

Bro, huge respect to you for talking about this, the raw emotion in your eyes throughout this video shows what you have been through. In the society we live in today it makes it really hard for a lot of men to open up about their mental health and despite what you are going through personally, you found the time to talk about your struggles and it will inspire others to do the same.

17 uur geleden
Robsteady +8

"Eventually." YES! I started this year in a deep depression as well. I thought life changes caused by the pandemic were going to end my marriage as well. When I saw your pain at the beginning of the year my heart broke for you. To see this and know how I've dealt with things this year it's given me hope to also tell people, "eventually".

14 dagen geleden
Ariaan +5

You magnificent nerd! Steady as she goes! You WILL overcome this. You’ve shared so much with us this year, even though it hurt. I thank you for sharing, I thank you for entertaining, I thank you for your charity. Even though it might not feel like you’ve not done everything you wanted to do. You still did so much, and frankly, you put me to shame. I could never hold a candle to what you’ve achieved… and this was a bad year? Just imagine what you could do in a good year!

14 dagen geleden
RocketMan +2

You're an inspiration man. I can't fathom what you're going through but the fact that you're still giving your fans videos and content is beyond amazing. I'll always support you and I know everybody in this comment section will as well.

14 dagen geleden
root9065 +690

Dude, bless your heart man. This is the most no-BS down-to-earth video I've seen any content creator make. You the real MVP. 🥂 to a better year from the other side of the planet. I'll always be your sub no matter what bro ;)

14 dagen geleden
Pomposso_typer +1

Thank you Kyle for all the amazing work you've done over the years with your content and amazing attitude. There were days during covid that your videos brought a very needed smile to my heart. You have definitely made this world a much better place. Keep up the awesome work!!!

Dag geleden