My response to "Henry Cavill builds a gaming PC"

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    "Superman" and "Witcher" actor Henry Cavill recently posted a video of him building a PC to his Instagram account. This is my response.

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    My response to "Henry Cavill builds a gaming PC"

Bitwit +10

Subscribe or I'll hire Henry Cavill's bicep to hunt you down.

Jaar geleden
4dri1 +3

Massive respect to Henry, he could’ve just mentioned he wanted to build a pc and the whole world would tried to help, but instead he read the manual and figured it out on his own.

Alexander Divino +4
Alexander Divino

Expectation: "lets rate how henry builds his pc"

Jaar geleden
JustLookingAround +1

25% The PC

Ashlynn P. +1
Ashlynn P.

The difference is that Henry Cavill wasn’t pretending to be good at it.

Voltex +3

"He's already doing better than the Verge" straight up not building a PC is closer to a working system than whatever they did

Jaar geleden
JMUDoc +3

Oh man... he bought a 2080 Ti...

Jaar geleden
Julian +4

The fact that he spends his whole day trying to figure out what to do just shows his commitment. I love it.

Jaar geleden
Grim +29

I can only imagine Henry once he realised he mounted the cooler upside down his initial reaction was the following: "Hmmm. Fuck."

21 dag geleden
Eternal Miasma +205
Eternal Miasma

Henry is such a cool dude, I love how a lot of the modern actors are a lot more down to earth than the older actors who usually sit in their ivory towers

Jaar geleden
Ilham Fauzi +1
Ilham Fauzi

"Even superman read the manuals" Lol

Jaar geleden
tfq +51

knowing the fact that Henry himself learned how to build a computer from this channel makes this video so much better

Mr. Doot +203
Mr. Doot

This man's existence brings disturbances to the cosmic balance. You cannot be that hot and that nerd at the same time, like, pick a blessing, SIR

Jaar geleden
spiderr +6

"He's already doing better than The Verge" is a new compliment I'll be using to first time builders.

Jaar geleden
SutorippuDotCom +920

When he realized the cooler was mounted upside down...

Jaar geleden
foreverwhisper +4

If there’s still one 2080ti can be sold for $1299, it’s Henry’s.

Jaar geleden
Blitz +33

I love how concerned and careful you can tell he is, he actually pays attention and doesnt make rookie mistakes, its really nice to see someone like this who isnt related to pc building community at all doing this so well. Good on you, man of steel.

Jaar geleden
Cat Garcia +1
Cat Garcia

"Those parts are fragile." TBH Everything in Cavill's hands looks fragile.

Jaar geleden
Commissar Purity +875
Commissar Purity

Married "straight" man drooling over Henry Cavil for 10 minutes straight.

Jaar geleden
Aidoneus +24

alternate title: "Married man thirsts over Henry Cavill for 9 minutes"

Jaar geleden