4 Premium Fans Tested. 1 Clear Winner...

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    FANS TESTED (Amazon affiliate links)
    Phanteks T30-120: geni.us/xzg3Af
    be quiet! Silent Wings 3: geni.us/ZBmotPM
    Corsair ML120 Pro: geni.us/hn9c
    Noctua NH-F12: geni.us/D1qBsr

    00:00 Intro & Fans Tested
    00:38 Testing Method Detailed
    05:59 Comparing Results: Noise
    10:35 Comparing Results: Airflow
    14:50 Overall Performance Summary
    17:05 - Final Verdict

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Esfulador +381

It's a shame you didn't compare the phanteks fan to the Noctua NF-A12X25 since it's the current benchmark for premium fans, still a good video and a solid recommendation nonetheless.

Richard Kingston +80
Richard Kingston

The NF-F12 was released in July 2013. So let's put grandpa in a footrace with some teenagers and see who runs faster and lasts longer. A12x25 would have different results.

blackzaru +71

The NF-F!2 is good and all, but the NF-A12 is Noctua's top dog (well, not accounting for the industrial fans), and a test without the "king" of performance/value, the Arctic P12, is lacking. I mean, the P12 performs extraordinarily well for half the price of the other fans, It needs to be included in most tests to give a "floor" of "if it can't beat the P12, just buy a P12".

Omni Phillips +169
Omni Phillips

Definitely gonna take the data with a grain of salt since it was Phanteks that sent all the equipment and documentation on how to use it. I also think it's "funny" how the Noctua NF-A12 wasn't here since that was the fan design that Phanteks copied. I'll be interested to see the results that Steve gets when his setup is up and running to compare.

Anon M +36
Anon M

I'd really have loved to seen a collection of each of these fans in a real world environment under stress test to compare thermals and not just rely on the phanteks supplied equipment. Interesting concept but the methodology seems not as transparent as I would like!


Honestly, after using the Unifan for my build, its hard to walk away from the amazing fan daisy chaining, and the performance is pretty good as well.

plasia +9

I would have liked a lower-end test, these were all geared for more "full throttle" scenarios, I feel like I and many others don't run fans that loud/fast.

simoSLJ89 +2

T30 are great fans, and even if it's Noctua's fault that after 3 years we're still waiting for A12 Chromax, the standard A12 should be in this test (the F12 have almost 10 years).


Interesting how the Silent Wings has these big rpm swings, even though it apparently doesn't matter I still wonder what caused it.

Shotokan Ads
Shotokan Ads

It would have been interesting to see temperature results, especially when refering to radiators.

Retina Burner
Retina Burner

Might be a good idea to redo this test when there are other equivalent 30mm thick fans available. It seems to me that the extra thickness and blade pitch gave the T30 an edge.


all the data was great! I've always wonder how the performance of some of the popular fans performed compared to each other. keep it up kyle!

Tech⚡RIP +6

I like how Phanteks sent all these tech reviewers their testing tube along with their new fan to test. lol

False Prophet
False Prophet

I really like the mesh+filter+rad test, that’s exactly what I run and exactly what I’ve been wanting to see with the T30 vs ML. Seriously, this made my day. Yes, I’m a nerd 🤓

Clifton Sumrall +1
Clifton Sumrall

Thanks for the video I like things like this. Sadly RGB is one of my things so I picked up the new Lian LI uni fans and love them. They are quiet compared to the coolermaster i was running previously and the simplified cable management was a total win for me.

rgracon +9

Good stuff, and thanks for the vid! Keep in mind, though, that this was a test on a device sent by a company to prove their own product is superior. Hopefully, the results are objective, but there's definitely possible bias in testing materials/setup.

Dustin Z.
Dustin Z.

Great job on this video and lots of good info and testing. One thing that would be cool to see is a brute force test at the end. 100% on all fans and see which one performs the best when not worrying about sound. Thanks for the great video :)

Yogurt +227

POV you have the Corsair fan

Farbulus +52

I wish you'd included the Arctic p12s but only because that's what I filled my PC with, 😂.

Shawn ward
Shawn ward

can't wait to see more fan testing ,hope to see what some cheep fans do . I think that this was a fair test GJ .