How to Build a PC! Step-by-step

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    1:02 - Introduction
    2:09 - The Parts
    7:15 - Setting up / Things you'll need
    9:26 - CPU Installation
    11:53 - CPU Cooler Installation
    15:11 - Memory Installation
    18:17 - Prepping the Case
    19:53 - Motherboard Installation
    25:34 - Power Supply Installation
    30:33 - Front Panel Connectors
    34:47 - Fans
    37:12 - Hard Drives and SSDs
    45:28 - Power Cables
    47:38 - Video Card Installation
    51:42 - Cable Management
    54:27 - Outro - Build Complete!

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    How to Build a PC! Step-by-step


Gamers Nexus +9
Gamers Nexus

First time builder, long time watcher: Which slot do I install the RGB fidget spinner into?

4 jaar geleden
M1k +685


HeissenDaşşak +683

Even though its been 3 years, I'm going to build my first pc this week. This video was so helpful. Thanks.

Jaar geleden
Paul Pietschinski +445
Paul Pietschinski

I'm 46. Console gamed for, well ever. I am building my first ever PC for my son and I for Christmas. This video is a major help to me. I opened up the back of my case and my butthole puckered when I saw all the cables that have nothing to do with the PSU. It's not really that hard. Now if only I knew how to game on a keyboard and mouse.

Jaar geleden
Sir Nomsky +362
Sir Nomsky

Just built my first PC last night while watching this attentively, thank you for all the guidance!!

Jaar geleden
Neon Tetris +26
Neon Tetris

This got me through most of the build on my computer, I am a cars person so computers are way out of my comprehension and i took it to a professional to make sure everything was correct, and he said "For a first time building a PC, you did pretty well" so thanks Bitwit, I really appreciate it!

Rapthorne Lightweaver +611
Rapthorne Lightweaver

it's nice to see the big guys going back to basics every now and then, there are new computer builders on the scene every day, and many build guides are over a decade old now

4 jaar geleden
777jimbo777 +11

Needed to come back and say thanks very much for this video. Last week I was able to build my first PC using this video as the primary guide. Without I don't know where I would be. Thank a lot man keep up the great content!

Jaar geleden
J-Wave Gamez +9
J-Wave Gamez

Thanks Kyle! This video took me through my first pc build. It especially helped me with the cable management and making sure I have everything plugged in on the right spots. Really enjoyed it, I can see why you do this for a living 😃🙂

Jaar geleden
Nathan Clegg +1
Nathan Clegg

I built my first ever PC about a year and a half ago with the help of this video, the other day I needed to find a PC build guide to my younger brother and this is still by far the best guide out there

Cade Vallot
Cade Vallot

this helped so much when building my first pc! The energy and humor that you brought into explaining the process was so much fun and made the process much easier! thank you so much for your help BitWit!

Jaar geleden
Glaeos +1

Completed my first build following this! Thanks so much for the thorough and proper step by step guide. Had complete success; everything worked first try! Awesome

Pokey +5

Now I know how to build a PC. all I need is the actual PC.

2 jaar geleden
Eth Nick
Eth Nick

Fantastic assistance for my first build in a decade. Appreciate the clear instructions of just the info needed for each specific step 🙂

Jeremy +3

That was amazing! Been watching as many of your videos as possible to be 100% ready when all my parts arrive for my first build. Should be ready by mid/end august, can't wait! Thank you.

Jaar geleden
Gaming Muscle
Gaming Muscle

I built my very first PC 1 year ago. Decided to go “hardcore” mode by making my first a SFF. This video was all I needed to watch to learn what I needed to learn. Failed at RGB but on all

Fuck You +1
Fuck You

Just built my first PC and this video got me through it with ease, thank you Kyle for everything ❤!!!!!

Jaar geleden
Portal In Time
Portal In Time

Thank you so much for making this video! It was so much easier to understand with you walking through every step, I don't think I could have done it on my own without you!

Fella +557

I built my first PC watching this and since then have used this as a reference when building others. Yesterday was the first time I was able to build one completely without having to pull up this video. Thank you Kyle.

2 jaar geleden
Not The Paint Store
Not The Paint Store

Thanks! I'm doing my first build and your guide was a huge help. It powered on the first time. My cable management is terrible but I'll check out your other video and see if I can improve it as I continue to upgrade my video editing rig. Solid content. Subbed.

Jaar geleden