Fixing this giveaway PC was a NIGHTMARE | Behind the Scenes

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    00:00 - Intro
    03:23 - BIOS Update Issues
    11:26 - IO Shield Interference!
    16:34 - Troubleshooting with Ryzen 3000
    21:46 - Test boot with Ryzen 5000
    24:14 - Asking Twitter for Help
    28:08 - Trying a Different Motherboard
    31:44 - Narrowing Down the Issue
    34:24 - New Riser Cable Test
    35:49 - Windows Install & Packing
    37:45 - Driving to the Shipping Center
    39:40 - Shipping Cost Estimates! :(
    40:35 - Closing Thoughts

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Zach King +78
Zach King

I love these videos because I had a power supply issue with the first pc I built and spent like 2 weeks trying to figure it out. During that time I was getting frustrated and even slightly depressed thinking I must be doing something wrong. Then I found your channel and saw you struggle with booting a handful of builds and it made me realize that this really is part of the process and this world. So while I get how you must be feeling during these times I want you to know that we really appreciate you documenting the process and sharing it with us all to let us know we aren’t alone. Thanks Kyle!

14 dagen geleden
Silly-Weakness +185

Try HDMI instead of Displayport. That might just do it. Jay's video from 12/23 details a similar experience on an AMD board.

14 dagen geleden
Gaming Cyber +74
Gaming Cyber

Hey Kyle, was just gonna ask if you manually made the board use pci-e 4.0 with the riser? as the 3400g doesnt have 4.0 support and the 5000 series do. that could've been why the 5000 series chip weren't posting as if the riser and the motherboard were not communicating which standard to use properly.

14 dagen geleden

Manscape and old spice should definitely get together and sell products at gaming conventions cuz lord knows mofos need that shit

14 dagen geleden
StathIsOptimus +88

Man, the shipping costs were insane huge, even for the domestic one!

14 dagen geleden
Talonts +88

Dude, you know that UPS guy was working for a bonus, pushing 2-day as the minimum, right?

14 dagen geleden
Ceora S. +40
Ceora S.

The descent into madness was swift and steep on this one. Feels IT man.

14 dagen geleden
Domenick Nolan +14
Domenick Nolan

Haven't finished the video yet, but I'd suggest using HDMI instead of Display Port until you update the GPU's drivers. The was the solution when I build a 5900x on a Asus x570 prime pro with an RTX 3080 while using a PCIE gen 4 riser.

14 dagen geleden
Kerry +40

I think customs complicates using a "private" carrier like UPS. I usually use good old USPS for international packages.

14 dagen geleden
Stilkdog +18

I noticed you were using a DisplayPort Cable out for this, it very well could have been a display cable communication issue as well, it's already fixed, but next time try HDMI and see if it still happens. I have seen it a few times where it just will not output post with the DisplayPort Cable on Ryzen with newer GPU's (Guessing it's a Gen 4 possible thing?) but I went through this same thing and it ended up just being a cable issue. I had a remote software installed and noticed it said the PC came online while I was in the middle of a hour long melt down of what went wrong, shutdown the PC swapped the cable and it booted up no problem. I have no idea why this happens.

14 dagen geleden
Jason Bourne +13
Jason Bourne

I discovered that certain mobos require specific types of USB sticks to update the BIOS. My MAG Mortar for example requires a USB 2.0 drive that is less than 16GB and must be formatted in FAT. This is what annoys me about these manufacturers and they can't just dedicate a little more resources (and can speak English) to develop a proper BIOS update or Flashback interface. The only motherboard that had a sticking button on the shield (it was a ClearCMOS button) was an ASRock Steel Legend board.

14 dagen geleden
Deon Spates +49
Deon Spates

See, this is why Kyle is a good guy!!

14 dagen geleden
grace gannon +3
grace gannon

hey kyle! i got pc parts for christmas and was able to built my first pc, couldn’t have done it without you and your videos! keep it up :)

14 dagen geleden
Adrian Bravo +9
Adrian Bravo

I feel your pain. I built a pc a few months back. Got 10 Corsair fans in the case. 6 fans were all in sync together the other 4 weren’t. so I started messing with the cables to see that I connected everything correctly well I did something wrong in the process and my pc wouldn’t turn on I worked on the pc for about 14 hours trying to figure it out. I went to Best Buy got a new power supple I thought I had fried my psu it wasn’t that bought a new mother board it wasn’t the mother board. I disconnected everything in the pc and connected everything together finally turned on but couldn’t get it to post so I had to download a new bios and install windows all over. it was insanely frustrating not knowing what I did wrong.

14 dagen geleden
ProodsthePriest +31

You know, I kinda like when things go wrong for Kyle. we should do this more often.

14 dagen geleden
The Flying German +39
The Flying German

I love these vids on fixing and trouble shooting

14 dagen geleden
Leonard Smith +10
Leonard Smith

I actually watched this entire video.. What an amazing adventure watching Kyle have a meltdown. We learned a valuable lesson, UPS and riser cables are the devil 😏

14 dagen geleden
Evelyn Paplauskas +6
Evelyn Paplauskas

For the price that one pays for one of these boards, it would be nice if they included a usb stick in the box for flash back purposes.

14 dagen geleden
ClassicRoc +28

The whole time I was yelling at my screen that it's the stupid riser cable. Super glad you got there man.

14 dagen geleden
mrtempertantrum +2

I had a Strix b550 gaming f wifi, and it was a nightmare to get the system started the first time. It's really not clear if the flashback is working unless you already know what the pattern looks like. Granted it was early on, and it took them months to get a stable BIOS.

14 dagen geleden