Something very weird is going on with my home theatre PC

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Bitwit +468

It's worth noting that there are more dislikes than usual because I told people to dislike the video in the video. OK bye.

Greg Salazar +956
Greg Salazar

Yo! I have used that same case a few times. With the way the cables need to be routed, it can be quite easy to puncture a PSU cable with one of the screws that holds the three-sided removable panel in place. The PSU may have shut off and prevented itself from powering back on if it detected that short. And, of course, this would remedy itself if the panel was removed and reinstalled in such a way that the screw was no longer making contact with the wiring under the insulation. Would be pretty strange if you were experiencing the

kaufmanbros1 +334

I’m assuming the PSU tripped from a thermal event, and latched off while there was 120V supplied to it. I believe unplugging it for an extended amount of time let the capacitors de-charge and the thermal protection to de-energize to un-latch the circuit returning it to a non-fault state

Hein Steup +227
Hein Steup

Possibility: Overheat protection triggered, power spike due to the sudden shutdown and this caused a resettable fuse to cut out. Once the power was removed the fuse auto-resets and all is good in the land of opportunity. 🤔

Shane0360 +7

I feel like Kyle and Paul are in a non ideal headspace lately. Both great content creators and I love watching their videos. If I”m right, I hope they take some time to take care of themselves. You guys rock.


I think you should replace the glass paneled doors with mesh ones for airflow. I know it won't look that good but then you won't have to keep opening the doors just to use the PC.

Lesley Munro
Lesley Munro

Chances are, you had it plugged in all the time you were troubleshooting, and it probably needed the mains removed for a few mins to reset the PSU. Many PSU's, if they trip on OCP, or temp or something, will need the mains removed to reset the PSU.

Osman Malak +47
Osman Malak

Kyle, I would cut out the back of the cabinet and either use an active fan or buy some black mesh and attach it to the cabinet. I had a similar issue with my entertainment unit and cutting the back helped immensely

Phibz FourZeroEight +10
Phibz FourZeroEight

You didn’t press the canifulator relief valve, when you disconnected the rig and removed the GPU it released the canifulation between the GPU and the board and now it’s good. This might mean that the rgb fluid needs to be changed as well.

Kerry Coleman +7
Kerry Coleman

Business Experience here: Outside of the common cable being pierced (already mentioned), overheat protections not wanting to "sleep" after the event (also already mentioned), etc, a common problem I had with a few thousand systems was shorting due to heated air circulation, weird concept I know, but we had cases like yours inside the seat of a sled for a simulator, it had I think one set of "vents" (not even proper, and I dont recall more as its been years), despite my repot that it wouldn't be enough, turns out, it wasn't for more then one reason, the temps where getting hot yes, but after a time the system would simply power off, and according to what logging we had, we had a good "time to issue" range, as well as what it wasn't, so when we tested with the sled tray open, no problem, we closed it, and within the timespan we had (depends on where you are, humidity of air, etc) recorded, boom, kept tripping whatever protection it had, and wouldn't turn back on until totally discharged. Needless to say, a few PROPER vent holes and some circulation, and the issue went away. Not saying its your issue for sure, just another possible cause. EDIT: the system had properly throttled, hence "what it wasn't" including overheating.


You should consider popping the glass out of the front of those doors to give it a bit better access to clean air. That way you don't need the doors open to avoid overheating.

AY +19

ive never felt so sad when kyle goes to the graphics card aisle :’) omg he has so many


Since you swapped out the GPU, we'll never know what really happened.

Soheil Fakour +3
Soheil Fakour

Hey Kyle, power sometimes gets stuck into motherboard or power supply, capacitors usually, and as a fail-safe act they block electricity input to avoid the module getting damaged. At this point you gotta unplug power, press and hold the power button for couple seconds and let the stuck electricity out. After that you are good to plug it back on.

Stephen Painchaud
Stephen Painchaud

I have seen this before with my own computers in the past. I learned to completely unplug the power cable from the computer, and let it sit for a few minutes. That always fixed the situation. The exact cause was unclear, but I suspect something tripped in the PSU and eventually reset. That is just a guess.

Rigel James Constantino
Rigel James Constantino

Maybe there was grounding from the TV/video cable to the HTPC. Also, adding active fan at the back of the table to have airflow without worrying if the door is open or closed.

Gregory Dechant
Gregory Dechant

I think you might have been on the right path at the start with the power supply. I’ve had similar strange issues from a wonky power supply before. (Dumped power supply in my spare parts system and problem moved with it)

LONG days and HARD work at RAM ranch +1
LONG days and HARD work at RAM ranch

Power supply maybe went into some kind of protection, maybe thermal, I've noticed sometimes if you don't completely unplug them from power they won't "untrip". My last one that pooped itself wouldn't go out of over current protection unless you turned off power at the wall, not just the switch on the supply.

Pandaa +1

I recommend perhaps changing the glass on the doors to a fine metal mesh. That may be a good way to both increase airflow and keep your furniture looking good!

Ya boi Calle +62
Ya boi Calle

Tip: take the glass out of the cabinet doors and replace them with fans? Can improve thermals in the area so negative pressure in the case. However exhaust will go into the room making it warm