Buying all my PC parts at Best Buy

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    Today I explore what it's like to shop for computer hardware components at a Best Buy brick-and-mortar retailer. How does their PC parts buying experience stack up to popular etailers?

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    Buying all my PC parts at Best Buy


Bitwit +14

Holy crap we made front page of Reddit!! <3

2 jaar geleden
Britec09 +4

You made that kids day, you're a good man Kyle.

2 jaar geleden
Thirty Acres +5
Thirty Acres

He seems like such a good kid, too. And a Zelda fan? At his age? The GPU couldn't have gone to a better Bitwit fan.

Jaar geleden
Rarri +1

the lady in the back when he buys the kid the gpu, her reaction made me smile so much

Jaar geleden
fartmachine5000 +721

At this rate that kid will be able to sell that 1660 and cover his college tuition in a few years

Drewz03 +536

as a best buy employee, i can confirm we now have cases available

Jaar geleden
Firinmahlazer +243

I remember when my stores had parts. The "overpriced" bit is absolutely laughable in late 2020.

Jaar geleden
Dennis +16

Giving a kid a GPU and not put in in the title or anything, thats just amazing. You don't see that much often..

2 jaar geleden
Mason Mitchell +208
Mason Mitchell

I’m now a Bestbuy computer sales associate thanks to you Linus and jay, I genuinely appreciate all the knowledge you have blessed me with.

Jaar geleden
Analisa Willets +256
Analisa Willets

Bless that kids heart, he was a very passionate kid and that reaction though warmed my heart

Jaar geleden
Darnel Farnel +331
Darnel Farnel

it’s so weird seeing 20 series cards just sitting on the best buy shelves

Kat Fuerte +44
Kat Fuerte

I wish we could go back to this era where u can actually buy a gpu in store

DragonZombie200 +851

Been in quarantine so long it looks weird seeing people without face mask on in public lmao

Jaar geleden
Mayhem XXX +1
Mayhem XXX

Dude that kids reaction was priceless he seems like such a nice easy going kid

2 jaar geleden
Wikicunt +759

the way he said “hey kid” killed me lmao

Jaar geleden

Damn bro that got me right in the feels when you bought the kiddo his graphics card he was absolutely ecstatic. You're a legend among legends.

Jaar geleden
Why We Love Film +54
Why We Love Film

When you said “Here’s what’s gonna happen” I love how the kid went “Oh my god...” like he knew something big was about to happen...😂😂😂

Jaar geleden
Ultimate Xtian +71
Ultimate Xtian

I have tears in my eyes cause you made that kids day. He reminds me of my son. Good stuff man.

Jaar geleden
Troy Meredith +1
Troy Meredith

This was probably one of the best days to work at a Best Buy to see an amazing customer and the good that Kyle did. And your Best Buy definitely has a good selection of PC parts. We have a few nice ones but not with that kind of selection.

Jaar geleden
DR Molina +1
DR Molina

The kids face bro, that is something he’ll never forget and hopefully he can pass it on to the next one.

2 jaar geleden