We need to talk about Corsair's first monitor

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Graphics Card +582
Graphics Card

Kyle: we need to talk about Corsair’s first monitor

Robert Stump +229
Robert Stump

Kyle - "It vibrates a little bit, don't let your wife near it."

MrLoafBread +566

He looks 20 years younger without a beard XD

Tom the Fish +92
Tom the Fish

Damn that’s an absolute deal I can’t wait to buy one!!

Harald Johansen +456
Harald Johansen

This comment section:

UrmomlovesGoats +100

Me: "oh I love Corsair!" (Looking it up on Amazon*


While I LOVE the idea with the stand integrating the mount system for Elgato gear, I think they could have done it a step further and either integrated it into the display backside somehow with a little reinforcement or integrated it into a VESA mount adapter with the display so it can be mounted on arms as well. Otherwise, to make use of it you are forced to use the stand that comes with it.


i love how he did a time lapse of the monitor unboxing and a full on unboxing for manscaped XD

Diego Urdaneta +1
Diego Urdaneta

What a nice review bro. U nailed it... I like when tech YouTubers's reviews feel 'organic' and real!

SomethingReallyPretentious +20

Never thought I'd come here for a Corsair gaming monitor review and end up learning there's something out there called ball deodorant... Amazing!


Hey Bitwit, I got this monitor (mostly thanks to this video). Out of curiosity, can you let me know what settings you were using for the monitor? Which picture settings, HDR on/off, etc? Just curious! Thanks!

August Biernbaum
August Biernbaum

This actually has pretty similar specs to the Cooler Master ultrawide, besides the size and resolution. I paid the same price for it a year ago. Now it's significantly less.


Any brand shouldn’t ever think to make weird shaped stand for their monitor. Just make sure it can be at least tilted, heightened and lowered. Swivel and portrait mode are good additions although not essential for consumer use.

Mavitros +3

Looks like Bitwit needs to calibrate his other monitors. Btw, Gigabyte DOES have a 32” $799 4K 144hz monitor. $800 for 1440p is outrageous

indy sagoo +2
indy sagoo

One thing I’ve seen every reviewer miss is that the other displays don’t cover anywhere near the same coverage of both p3 and Adobe rgb. To get equivalent panels in the photo / video world for full accuracy like that are often more expensive. So if you do colour critical work + love to game that’s probably the one to go for since Eizo won’t integrate adaptive sync / g sync!

21 dag geleden
R. G.
R. G.

Just let you all know I just unpacked and connected the monitor. All I can saw is WOW. This review does not do it justice. The picture is vibrant and the colors pop off the screen. The construction is very solid. For a first time product Corsair did an outstanding job. The only complaint is the back where you connect all the cables. It is very high up which means unless you want to get on your hands and knees, you have to tip the monitor over to connect the cables. Other than that I have no other complaints. Awesome monitor.

Mario Pipitone
Mario Pipitone

Elgato needs to make me a dual monitor mount. That integration is super cool but I'd ditch that stand for an articulating mount instantly. It would come out of the box only to be stored in my closet

atomicdeathray +34

God damn, Kyle just aged -15 years

Lozo did it
Lozo did it

My problem is that I always use dual monitors but i only game on one. It hurts the wallet to have to buy 2 "gaming" grade monitors just to get them to match. If a company came out with a line of monitors that all matched but had different specs, I'd have no problem spending big money on the main screen and minor money on something that only looks the same.

Ben Shaffer
Ben Shaffer

Dreaming of a 27" curved display from Corsair now.