To all the brands I screwed over...This PC build is for you

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X:
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    Misc. 16GB G.Skill DDR4 kits:
    Asus TUF Radeon RX 6800 XT OC:
    Phanteks Enthoo 719:
    Seasonic S12III 650W:
    Zadak NVMe M.2:
    Phanteks Glacier One 240 T30:

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Ring_The_Dinkster69 +1

He literally has more product than some computer stores

Christopher Burden +602
Christopher Burden

Unboxing is definitely more inclusive to the experience especially when you're commentating your opinions as to why you like the products or why you don't. Doing an awesome job Kyle.

Evelyn Paplauskas +702
Evelyn Paplauskas

The real reason that GPU prices are so high: Major brands thinking that they have product in the inventory, but in reality their product branding and marketing managers sent it to Kyle and he never reviewed it...

Justin Oakes +363
Justin Oakes

Kyle: "Am I really going to have to use a 5600 XT?"

Crazygamer2837 +20

I feel like whenever Kyle feels down, he just walks through the place he stores all his computer parts

SleepingSnake +27

Yes, watching things being taken out of the box is a part of the experience that I like to see.

ImPrice +589

When you do builds like this, I want to watch you open the packaging, because it feels more intimate and less like a "production" IMO

Ashley Winsor +75
Ashley Winsor

Kyle: has a top end system just sitting around in boxes ...

DBAddy +24

Kyle: "I don't want you guys to see my shipping label..."

Sean Roach +54
Sean Roach

"I don't want you guys to see my shipping label"

tiladx +14

For these vlog-style videos, I feel that seeing the unboxing adds to the experience. When you add to the bottom, I'd like to see if you can fit any fans at the bottom as well as a GPU.

Eve +1

kyle is one of the few people who can just build a pc when he's bored

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Gandalf +149

I feel like this is the ultimate flex. Let’s build a top of the line computer with stuff I forgot I have.

atomicdeathray +41

I love Kyle's new editor. Great meme references.

GamerDadX +2

Sounds like you need an intern, Kyle lol.

Anona Mouse +2
Anona Mouse

I wonder how much more you could have improved temps by using known high quality thermal paste (and enough to cover the off-center dies).


Honestly I enjoy watching you or just anyone unbox their pc parts when they are building its just satisfying and adds to the experience

Michael +9

Imagine Kyle building a second pc in that pc and custom Water cool them together.

Mario Pipitone +204
Mario Pipitone

Kyle picking his case was literally me in microcenter for every build I've ever done. I stand there talking to myself about the case for at least 10 minutes

Nickolas Davis
Nickolas Davis

I love it when you do videos lime this... It is like the struggle is real when you fight with the boxes.