You asked me to build the crappiest PC possible, and I delivered.

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

    What are the minimum specs for Minesweeper? Asking for a friend.

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SandstormWasTaken +20

Schools: “We’ll take that one!”

EXport Gaming +1
EXport Gaming

This guy's studio is literally every gamer's heaven .

Munashe +706

“This is the worst PC ever”

The meme master +88
The meme master

“This is the worst Pc ever”

14 dagen geleden
JustGonnaPlayGames +2

"You asked me to build the crappiest PC possible"

Ugnius Mayer +342
Ugnius Mayer

Dads be like: So its a good PC?

Other Riley +2
Other Riley

“This is the worst PC ever”

Federico Zedda +1
Federico Zedda

"i'm building the crappiest pc possible!", litterally using the same case i own ._.

Amanda Bueno +331
Amanda Bueno

It's funny that if you want something

Elias Renteria +71
Elias Renteria

"We'll crack it open later and laugh at it together."

Josue Gonzalez +724
Josue Gonzalez

"ive never seen a boot time of 2 minutes*

Retro Clouds +14
Retro Clouds

I love how when he was commenting on how loud the fan was he didn’t even let us hear it that well and we still heard it since it’s so loud but yeah he did good making a crappy pc only meant for use at schools

14 dagen geleden
Jeff Manuelito +3
Jeff Manuelito

Me: "Hey, that's my case!"

Crafter Bros +137
Crafter Bros

Not nearly slow enough. I want it to feel like I’m drawing the frame on paper, every time it tries to load one.

Just_CallMe_E +295

“This build is probably worse than 99% of your guys builds.”


Also this reminds me of back when I was at uni, and waiting for one of the science lab PCs to boot. It looked like it got stuck on the boot text screen, and I actually said out loud to the lab assistant 'its not loading', to which she replied 'give it some time'.

10 uur geleden
Robloxian355 +64

You know, this could be quite useful to teach people how to build a pc. The parts are quite old and could be used as tools to teach people how to put all the parts together

TeD van Loon +3
TeD van Loon

damn, this brings back memories of when and why I decided to finally really switch to Linux.

14 dagen geleden
Yermaw Lol +2
Yermaw Lol

Prebuilt companies: “this shall sell for $1,200.”

MackAttack 0193 +673
MackAttack 0193

Public schools: “nah we don’t need that one, we still have these 2001 dell desktops that we’ve had to replace the parts too more times than we would all like to admit, they work fine…”