Why most pre-builts suck

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    Not all pre-built gaming PCs are bad, but here's how many of them cut corners to make a profit, often at the expense of the end user.

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    Why most pre-builts suck


Bitwit +2

Hope you found this informative! Not hating on all pre-builts btw. There are some good ones too (Corsair, NZXT, etc.). Btw links to the parts featured in my DIY list are in the description. :)

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Aspros +10

Steal a man's wallet and you make him poor for day

Jaar geleden
Mr Potat +1
Mr Potat

Now do the reverse of this. Build a computer with the exact specs of the pre built, but for the cheapest you can.

Jaar geleden
Josh Mitchell +128
Josh Mitchell

I feel like I joined an elite club when I built my first PC a few weeks ago. Having a computer this nice is a real dream come true for me, and though I spent a lot on it, I'm so glad I got a good value for it. I went to a website where they listed the components for a pc build and put in Amazon links so I could add it all to my cart and upgrade anything I felt like splurging more on, like the SSD and the ram. It's also nice to know exactly what is in my computer.

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deejay_comX +17

Kyle this is a very useful and informative video for 1st timers. I have never bought an off-the-shelf PC. My current PC is a self-build, but my previous 3 were custom builds by a company in the UK called PC Specialist. They work similar to a parts pickers and then they build your PC to your spec, you probably have a myriad of companies in the US who do the same thing. I found this very helpful as, until now, I wasn't very confident in building a PC myself.

Jaar geleden
is nobody really +7
is nobody really

A year ago: "build your own pc, its cheaper."

Remy D +563
Remy D

Just like prebuilt cars. That's why I build my own

Jaar geleden

Kyle: looks at any PC

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Damien Harbin
Damien Harbin

Just built my first PC after watching a few of your videos. There were some discrepancies, but I'd wager they could easily be chalked up to us using different equipment. Thanks for the information and PC education.

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Eye Of Cthulhu +9
Eye Of Cthulhu

You also gotta remember that when building diy all the parts might not be in stock, also the shipping on every singular piece might also be super expensive

Raged Pizza +28
Raged Pizza

I just purchased a prebuilt from Best Buy, 10 minutes later I’m looking up why you SHOULDNT buy a prebuilt pc because I’m a masochist

Jaar geleden
Ahmad Man +712
Ahmad Man

In where I live pre builts are cheaper (every part is listed so I know what I'm buying), than getting all the parts and building it myself. My country is weird

Jaar geleden
RandomYoutubeUser +457

IMO prebuilts suck because a lot of them prioritize looks over function in their budget

Jaar geleden
Evan Trauner-Coady +1
Evan Trauner-Coady

Good vid, using this to prove to my parents that I should be allowed to build my own pc

Jaar geleden
NinjaCatPlaysStuff +1

I actually had the first

Jaar geleden
Dejan Dragicevic +1
Dejan Dragicevic

Kyle, I enjoy watching your videos as you're saying EXACTLY same things that I always bore my friends to death with when they finally save up some money and then want to throw it all on a "Republic of Gamers" rig.

Jaar geleden
Mild Inconvenience Man +608
Mild Inconvenience Man

Me who bought a pre-built and knows nothing about pc's:

Jaar geleden

I actually got a pretty good prebuilt. I knew it was a bad idea from the start, but I had people yelling at me saying I'm not good enough to build a PC myself, so I got one from Best Buy. It's actually great so far and I'm happy with it.

Jaar geleden
Goudguppy +1

I bought about a year ago a (cheap) pre built from the brand Medion and it was exactly what I expected. Except that the graphics card was the lower one of the 2 models that existed from it. This was not mentioned in the description of the PC.

Jaar geleden
Kraqd +2

Me: "I got a $3500 budget which CPU should I get"

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