Cat Reacts to $500 Litter Box! Litter Robot III Review

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

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    Litter Robot III:

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    Kevin Macleod -
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    Cat Reacts to $500 Litter Box! Litter Robot III Review


Unpopular edits +1
Unpopular edits

My cat says he dislikes rich cats like that.

2 jaar geleden
Rebecca Abrams +411
Rebecca Abrams

I work at a vet clinic and we have one for our 5 clinic cats, we love it. Even our VERY timid cat (rescued from the side of a highway and gets very scared for sudden noises) loves to watch it as it spins lol, the sound doesn’t scare him at all.

3 jaar geleden
James Hamill +530
James Hamill

Been looking for a review on this product. Thanks. I am disabled and have a cat. The litterbox cleaning is difficult for me. This is a perfect alternative.

2 jaar geleden
BU3 D +1

Your cat needs to chew their food better if half hotdogs are coming out. lol

2 jaar geleden
Kylie Marie Wood +591
Kylie Marie Wood

We have two cats and my husband wanted to get another. I thought he was crazy and then remembered he doesn't clean the litter box 🤦‍♀️

3 jaar geleden
Max B +666
Max B

This is a pretty smart concept, but it could be way cheaper

2 jaar geleden
David Henderson +1
David Henderson

My cat like to push buttons. He would be reprogramming this thing in a week.

3 jaar geleden
joey86bu1 +17

I love using this product so much that I decided to buy 1 for my cat also. Great vid!

3 jaar geleden
My New Me +2
My New Me

Great review!! My old lady cat took to the robot right away and started using it instantly. But my hyper little girl cat just liked playing with it at first. She liked sticking her head in when it was running and making it stop. Didn't take her long to learn that trick. This is also very good for people with health and/or mobility issues. A whole lot less bending and stooping to scoop the litter box.

2 jaar geleden
InSomnia DrEvil +448
InSomnia DrEvil


2 jaar geleden
HTakara82 +120

for 500 it should've been stainless steal on the non-moving parts... it's more sanitary and lasts longer.

3 jaar geleden
Tom O +1
Tom O

So my cat poops in something that's more expensive than all the toilets in my house added up??

2 jaar geleden
Alvan Kana +6
Alvan Kana

Idk why I'm watching this when I don't have a cat 😅

3 jaar geleden
kellibomb +129

My cat wanted to know if it came in a large box? Not sure why, but then again I have spent fortunes on things for them and all they really wanted was the box, go

3 jaar geleden
evilash3373 +322

Nah. It's alright. I don't mind cleaning the litter box. It's like starting every morning off with a treasure hunt.

3 jaar geleden

Holy shit I need this in my life. Might return my $700 dyson fan to get that instead 😂

2 jaar geleden
Bindi Boo +2
Bindi Boo

I loved this review! Very well done. Everything I’d ever want to know, you told me. Very informative.

3 jaar geleden
Julie Pousson +239
Julie Pousson

I'm a disabled cat Mom. This would be perfect for us!

2 jaar geleden
ProodsthePriest +30

Two questions:

4 jaar geleden
Patricia Isabel +1
Patricia Isabel

I've had mine for about 4 yrs now and I LOVE it. I have 3 cats and cleaning is so easy. No scooping. Just pull out the drawer and change the bag. Done! How I ever managed without one before is beyond me.

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