This PC wasn't supposed to look THIS GOOD

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

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    Musetex Micro ATX Case:
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G:
    AMD Wraith Prism RGB:
    AsRock B550M Pro4:
    2x8GB Crucial Ballistix RGB DDR4-3600:
    Asus ROG Strix OC RX 6600 XT:
    Corsair CX550F RGB:
    Team T-Force Delta RGB:
    Antec Sleeved PC Cable Extensions:
    Cooler Master 1-to-5 ARGB Splitter Cable:

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Mario Pipitone +237
Mario Pipitone

I love these kinds of videos more than others. It's just cool to see you put together a build for aesthetics as opposed to simply featuring a particular part or price point. There are so many of those videos and they all end up being the same. Videos like this are always different because everyone has different tastes. Would love more of these

Doctor Bonez +11
Doctor Bonez

Love it! I use Mustex cases alot they actually have a good range of products. The Strix 6600XT is in no way $399 though it's closer to $599 at Microcenter. So more like a $1400 build instead of a $1200 build. Keep the content coming my dude!

yambo59 +2

Ive been looking at this case for a long time, this is the best looking build ive seen in it so far. I love the design of this case, FINALLY a case with good airflow its about time they got back to function as well as form.

LinkinPhoenix1 +16

Kyle seems more relaxed in this video as apposed to videos from earlier this year.

matthieu zglurg +12
matthieu zglurg

funny thing about the AMD Wraith Prism : In France, there is an e-tailer that has a pretty complete piece of solftware to build the PC you want, you can pay several "tiers" of fees for the assembly : the lowest one, you only get the PC you've ordered. Next one, you get the PC and a windows install. Final one, you get the PC, W10 install and all the boxes that comes with your parts + included accesories like stock coolers if you used an aftermarket one.

Peter Scharstein +40
Peter Scharstein

The case would be perfect for a storm trooper themed build


A nice simple build is honestly what we all needed. Felt really refreshing :)

Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson

The 6600 being underwhelming depends on the price where you live and so you really need to take the RRP at face value. Here in Australia for instance the RX6600 is half the price of the 3060 in stores. Also it would help if there were any actual cards available and at RRP prices

Fweddle +7

So something I think people have to keep in mind is prices of everything have gone up with the pandemic. It may be 20% more for 5% more performance however, if the original card was launched today it would probably be 20% more than it’s original launch

Robert Levesque
Robert Levesque

I have used that case in two builds so far this year and it has been great so far.

Healer WR +29
Healer WR

Can you do a build themed around infinity mirrors


Nice build! :3

Gary Trawinski
Gary Trawinski

Kyle, excellent video. You cable manage like I do. I start out with an idea on how I want to do it and then adjust by what the case and build presents me during the build. I really like this build. I think I'm going to buy this case.


Thank You for this non-manufacture sponsored build. Like @Mario Pipitone review, I appreciate this type of build a little more because you're buying directly from a reseller like us normal "Joe" I also like the fact you talked your way through the build and addressed build issues that you ran into. It's very insightful. i actually watched the whole video because of how you documented this build and I didnt just jumped to the the reveal which I normally do. Thanks again.

Gaz Yates
Gaz Yates

Awesome build Kyle , best budget build i have seen on youtube looks great , really like them chunky cable extentions too 👍

Itz Razed
Itz Razed

That’s the exact case I have and I went with the 4 fan so the front fan is the 200 and it’s great! The fans move air really good and it’s affordable. And just to add to it has a gpu vertical mount which I was wanting to do so that was just the cherry on top!

nikpap95 +3

I hadn't realised how much I had missed those Kyle-unique impressions. Laughed so hard😆


Everytime I hear you say SSD's my brain automatically follows with..


I have this exact same case but I went super budget but this build really makes me want to upgrade it again, thank you for the inspiration

Joel Green +1
Joel Green

I really like your videos and am learning more each time I watch one. But I must take issue on your thoughts on the 6600. I read all the reviews and comments on it, I was lucky to get selected for one on newegg shuffle at msrp and grabbed it. By the end of the day it was selling for 2x - 3x times msrp. You should take into account there are a LOT of us out there that can't afford to pay 700-1000 for a gpu or even more for a 6600xt if you can find it. Sometimes you need to compromise after waiting over a year to get an affordable decent gpu, especially a new one.