I built two mechanical keyboards. Who needs time and money anyway

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Taeha Types +2
Taeha Types

When you realize Mr Kyle watched your videos 😭😭😭

comatoast +54

I’d recommend the brass plate with the pandas and the polycarbonate plate on the lynx switches. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes on the GMMK Pro, but i personally think the harder brass makes the tactiles feel more tactile, while the softer polycarbonate plate makes the linear switches feels smother and even less harsh.

Andrew Sheldon +191
Andrew Sheldon

Hey Kyle, fyi, you can cut down on your lubing times by a lot by nopt lubing the outside faces on the lower half of the switch housing, and also no need to do the inside of the stem walls either. It is also preferred to use oil for springs using the bag method(couple of drops in a bag, dump the springs, and shake like you need to make rent). Also, use the lube station to hold the parts as you lube them all.

chu noir +226
chu noir

i think you supposed to lube the inner part of the rail for the bottom housing, cuz it's where the stem moves up and down. not the outside.. And about the stabs i think you can use Durock plate mounted stab, just make sure you use tape or band aid mod between the stab and the plate (if necessary) to remove the stab wiggle on the plate. But i think you can start off to put a bit more dielectric grease for the space and backspace, cuz it sounds like it needs more.

Westy +287

hearing all these keyboard words coming from kyles mouth is magical

James +43

I would recommend trying tactile switches with the brass plate and linear switches with the polycarb plate - that would be the more popular combination of switch/plate 😊

Sean +30

I've been waiting for this.

Tyler Pignatore +30
Tyler Pignatore

A really good tactile switch that the make of the switch actually recommends you don’t lube them is the Boba U4T’s. The have a similar feel to the pandas and their a bit cheaper. Great switch.

BlackingOut - +131
BlackingOut -

Psst there’s an easier way to lube springs. It’s called bag lubing and will def save a lot of time for you


Keyboard 2 sounds amazing and I love the stealth look, it’s something I would go for every time but it’s impossible to deny how cool the pastel colours of keyboard 1 are

Doosh Baggins +14
Doosh Baggins

I bought a customizable red dragon keyboard years ago, results were so good my wife and son had me make them one... This looks like a much better base than mine, but I didn't have this kind of money lol

Glytch77 +23

You'll probably start noticing a difference in the lubes as the switches get broken in over time. But it was smart to use the different lubed switches for the top! Def not a noob move! Also... welcome to the enthusiast community :)

How_ +27

As someone who’s lubed many switches, Your next set will be quicker than the last, and so on until you’ve got the best method for you figured out(:

Jakob Aarestrup
Jakob Aarestrup

Really love the look and sound of the new keeb! I used durock v2 stabs with my gmmk pro even tho I have the aluminum plate (same problem). The fix is to sand down the stabs a bit on the outside housing and using a bit of pressure to get the plate on. Also lubing time really depends on the switch type. You can definitely save some time with tactical switches and more practice.

SLiX +1

Tactile will almost always be louder than linears.

Zac Cote
Zac Cote

I would suggest trying out the PE foam mod on the GMMK Pro, I did it recently and I found that it makes it sound so much better.


C3 equalz stabs fit the gmmk pro brass plate perfectly fine. I also would look at an fr4 plate from like another vendor for the gmmk pro. And for the linear build can't go wrong with gat black ink v2s! It's awesome that your channel was the first channel I went too when I learned to build my first PC and now your learning the rabbit hole that is mechanical keyboards. Hope all is well!

Rodri RM
Rodri RM

Never thought I will be watching a video on how to build your own mechanical keyboard, and find out theres also a mechanical keyboard community. My respect to such patient humans.

Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn +27
Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn

I have bad news for you: factory lubed switches "pretty much always" sound way higher pitched/perceived to be louder than self-lubed switches. I say "pretty much always" because I'm open to not being aware of an exception, although I personally don't know of any.

Alexander van der Linde
Alexander van der Linde

The next time you tune your stabs, check out the holee mod, I found that it made a big difference in tightening up the sound of my stabilisers.