Origin EVO17-S: Actually a good gaming laptop

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    With the desktop GPU market still in shambles, gaming laptops are now a more viable option than ever. Here's my full review of the Origin EVO17-S.

    ORIGIN EVO17-S Configuration Page: bit.ly/3q4LLh5

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Bitwit +26

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MiraiKishi +250

"... that the Desktop PC Gaming space is dead, and we're all going to die anyway..."

Walker +6

Hey Kyle man. Been watching for a couple years now and have always been a fan of your content. Thanks for putting out the stuff you do as often as you do. Your content: skits, gameshows, builds, and everything in-between have been there while I went through some life struggles.


Fn lock issue can easily be resolved either with a keyboard shortcut or often in BIOS you can set the secondary functions to be primary

Mark Davenport Jr
Mark Davenport Jr

Agreed with the desktop market comment. So with that I might be getting a 130w+ 3060-3070 gaming laptop depending which is in stock at my local Costco next may. :)

Daxton Anderson +2
Daxton Anderson

My girlfriends laptop (Razer Blade Pro 17 2020 2070MQ) has that 300hz display and it's absolutely overkill insane 😂 Only a couple of games can hit those framerates, everything else actually loses 5-10fps running the display at 300hz, she gets better FPS on it by turning the display down to 144hz to match the Razer Raptor 27" she has paired with it

Sj Cap
Sj Cap

Great review as usual Bitwit thank you.

Erik Hendrickson +1
Erik Hendrickson

My only concern here is the one year warranty. Should be two years base for the price of these PREMIUM devices!

Xander Stephenson +24
Xander Stephenson

Hey, are you alright? I noticed the intro and just wanted to check in. Whatever you're going through just know it'll get better!

Stocky +4

Great video. I'm looking for a gaming laptop for my daughter for Christmas so will definitely be looking into this one more.

NinetyFour +142

Kyle just seems so dead inside in this video. GL bro! :D

sabishiihito +25

TongFang's new 17.3" chassis, tons of brands will be selling these like Maingear, XMG, PC Specialist etc.

Terence Grant +31
Terence Grant

Sometimes it just seems like he needs a hug. WHO HURT YOU KYLE?!?!?


The worst part about gaming laptops is there are just too many limitations on air flow. You can put a great CPU and GPU Amin there and it’s like a personal space heater.

Yhiz47 +3

I think this is the first Bitwit review that I've seen of a gaming laptop/pc that isn't hugely biased.

John Dudas
John Dudas

That's a good point to make out with certain gaming laptops I been gaming on my Xbox one original before it died then I got an Xbox one series s until I get a gaming laptop or get into a gaming desktop bitwit what would u suggest for some one who is just getting into pc gaming either gaming laptop or gaming desktop and because I have games on my Xbox and its Microsoft would I be able to put them on a gaming laptop

andrea p.j
andrea p.j

Maybe I'm helping someone out there but windows laptops have adaptable gestures for three and four fingers. I set up mine so I can change my volume, also I can play and pause and skip tracks. You can find it on settings > touchpad (you need to have a precision touchpad) 🙂

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Dana Pretzer +3
Dana Pretzer

Nice video honestly the studio is looking great. Thanks Kyle

Charlie Pineda
Charlie Pineda

Network port should've been in the back. They put the power, hdmi, & usb-c ports there, why not the network port? usb ports should all be on the left side with the exception of the sd card slot.


It's just a Clevo body.