I spent two weeks with the Samsung Neo G9...

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Michael W +10
Michael W

This is actually a insane monior. I love dual monitors but crave that ultrawide experience as well for certain games, being able to have the best of both. Been using 2 27"'s for a while now.

Buzzkiller +255

Gamers: I can't afford $2000 for a gpu.

madotter +7

Yeah sounds great. I bought a CR49 (the one that came before this) and after sending it back after 10 months for screen bleed problems, Samsung sent it back with a smashed screen. That was a year ago and I'm still fighting them over this. Such a company should not be treating customers this way and I'm £1,119 out of pocket and have a broken monitor is it's box. Whilst the monitor is probably great, be aware that these companies aren't always the most customer focused. I'm still fighting Samsung and won't quit until they fix what they did.

ImmuneToKnives +11

I had the Samsung 49-Inch CHG90 for a few years, but got rid of it not too long ago. I HAD to mount it because the stand took a lot of desk space. The monitor was heavy as heck and was a pain to mount! Definitely made gaming more immersive, but the FOV was wonky. The sides of the screen made far away items seem very close, kind of like

CxlrVFX +366

bitwit: Gets a $2000+ monitor

Terium +183

Tried the previous G9 out, but really didn't like the cramped height so I went with a LG 38GN950 instead. Much prefer 21:9 over 32:9 tbh.


That's a beautiful monitor... I'm accustomed to the 27" iMac screen form factor. I don't think I'd like to stray to far from this as it provides adequate screen real estate for my needs as a non-gamer.

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ClassyKM +5

I absolutely love my CHG90, I definitely can't go back to 16:9. I'll definitely be upgrading to whatever newer model comes out when I get a bit more money to splurge with.

itsumonihon +4

I'm watching this on a Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo. Goddamn. It is a very good monitor. I can see details in games I never even knew existed before. Star Citizen looks insane with this. He's right, it really is like wearing a VR headset - I have VR too and this, while not quite the same, gives you a kind of depth perception you might be familiar with from VR.

Alan Hobson +2
Alan Hobson

I've had an older Samsung monitor (same dimensions, but 3840x1080 and a not quite as aggressive curve) for almost two years. I wouldn't want to go back to standard monitors although I'd love to have a 1440p version.

Pricop Razvan +204
Pricop Razvan

This monitor is so wide that the windows activation notification is relegated to peripheral vision😂


Prefer 38 ultrawide myself, I found the 49 too short vertically, the 38's are more immersive to me. Went for the Dell AW3821DW - great bit of kit with the LG panel.

jmporkbob +52

"It officially supports HDR 2000"

Philip Posey
Philip Posey

Picked up the CHG90 about a year ago. Will definitely hold onto it until it breaks. I agree that it is definitely overkill having a super ultrawide, but I won't go back. Will keep this one on the wishlist until then. Awesome video!


I have last year's G9 and while it is the greatest monitor I have ever had, it fails to wake from sleep. As in, when windows is set to turn the monitor off after 15 mins of inactivity, the computer comes back on with only my smaller monitor showing the picture. The G9 has to be manually powered off and on to get picture back. That is a huge issue for a $1400 monitor.

ShowCash +115

The fact that "activate windows" is in the corner makes me very happy. Kyle legit has a sponsor for windows keys 😂

Mark Linton
Mark Linton

I have the G9 (non neo) and I love it for productivity, but gaming is a mixed bag for me. Some games support it 100% some games support the aspect during gameplay but the various loading screens have black bars and some games have black bars through the entirety. Also, I wish YouTube had better support for ultrawides.

CapitalD D
CapitalD D

Great review. I'd definitely buy one if I had the money for it and a gpu to run it. It's awesome. One question though - can ya split the screen into 3 displays or just the 2 equally sized displays...?


I have the original Samsung 49" Super-Ultrawide monitor and I love it, so I might be getting this one since the one between that and this one wasn't really for sale and I want 240Hz instead of the 120Hz I have right now.


It's good to see Lyle still complaining about bad PC building practices. One of my all-time favourite youtube videos.


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How can a PC store SO PERFECT exist?!


NZXT teaches me how to build a computer


Wow on Samsung Odyssey G9 49"


Wow on Samsung Odyssey G9 49"


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My New Gaming Monitor

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