Here's what's WRONG with your PCs and Setups...

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Lyle Deporiss +102
Lyle Deporiss

I'm tempted to submit my set up while it's still cable managed on a fold out table but I also think I might get heavily roasted for it

Kevin Little +401
Kevin Little

He looked at mine, said “this picture sucks” and scrolled past it on stream. Thanks Kyle 😭 I took 16 pictures and picked the best one.

Kymond Fang +35
Kymond Fang

"-colors set to Halloween"

Bryen750 +56

Wow! The thumbnail 🤯 !

Dalbir Kaur +6
Dalbir Kaur

I love the setups that are in touch with nature, there was another natural greenery touch setup sometime ago which Kyle used as his video's thumbnail

Piyush Bhakat +5
Piyush Bhakat

Having multiple monitors messes with my immersion, so I'd much rather have a single monitor.

Neil Surya +5
Neil Surya

Honestly I simply love your channel’s content!

Brian simone
Brian simone

hi Bitwit ive been watching your channel and had question. I purchased a super high end Pc from CLX and when it finally got here it ended up not properly working. i would be much more comforable buy a PC in the southern california. the spec were ryzen9 5950x rtx3090 32 gb ram3600 1td ssd 4tbhdd asus gaming tuf x570-pro wifi

Bonifaquisha +2

"Whenever there's a laptop setup I just assume there's a cluster of wires going everywhere."

Joshua Kronholm +4
Joshua Kronholm

The Studio is looking amazing Kyle!

Byron Olson
Byron Olson

I wanted my stuff judges, pc cable management on point and looks great, my cable management in the desk, not so much

Alucard +3

Looks like I should join the discord and post my setup too…. I’d love to see how you pick it apart


I have a good setup but in some spots i have a insane mess of cables on top of my desk and i have no clue how to hide them i have so many things on my desk that need cables i need help with that cable management



Cool Nerds Gaming +48
Cool Nerds Gaming

Hey Kyle your looking really Good! Also the videos are great! Keep it up man.

Thundarius +5

One day, I will be featured on one of these videos! Building my first rig next weekend. Got a ways to go before it's where I would want to submit it!

Marty Burgess
Marty Burgess


Kingston Vuong
Kingston Vuong


Frank Allen +2
Frank Allen

My phanteks p500a side panel is bowed from my cable mess in it. But it matches the ball of cables jammed under the desk behind the PC. Make Kyle's eye twitch

Christopher Webster
Christopher Webster

damn I gotta put my setup on there but waiting until I put everything in my New case!, great vid yet again sir! :)