Girlfriend needs a new computer NOW (it's bad)

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    Girlfriend needs a new computer NOW (Emergency!)


Bitwit +1

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Luiz Cezar +5
Luiz Cezar

i built a new gaming pc for my girlfriend too,

2 jaar geleden
Jsweizston +838

That case is like a case that Linus would unironically love to this day.

2 jaar geleden
yauul +591

This is one of those Pimp My Ride episodes where they completely change the car but keep one thing for memory's sake.

2 jaar geleden
Theo Spencer +2
Theo Spencer

Instructions unclear:

Jaar geleden
OS RR +81

"12 of those laying around"

2 jaar geleden
ThIs UsErNaMe Is TaKeN +1
ThIs UsErNaMe Is TaKeN

Kyle: "this pc is pretty outdated.."

Jaar geleden
41AIN +6

Me looks at title:

2 jaar geleden
Noah Hastings +259
Noah Hastings

"I suppose he is worthy of his girlfriends love in some small way."

Jaar geleden
Ennovative +154

"I got you a Wifi card, BUT I want you to put it in your PC by yourself."

Jaar geleden
saif +706

Dad my pc is old

Jaar geleden
Bazinga_X +19

You are no more surprised that he has a girlfriend then we are that Heather agreed to marry you. :) LOL

2 jaar geleden
Obi-Wan Kenobi +389
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Me: wow Sydney’s old pc is trash

Jaar geleden
XER0 +1

Bruh, that "old" gaming pc is better than mine.

2 jaar geleden
Ryan Hauser
Ryan Hauser

These guys on YouTube are amazing and have forever changed how I look at my personal computer. I was intimidated by the thought of building a computer. Not only is is somewhat easy, it's very rewarding to see that 1st post. My 1st build was the best pc I ever owned. I gave that one to my daughter and have since built one for my wife, myself and a friend.

iilaki XBX +125
iilaki XBX

Kyle: She needs one badly its terrible.

Jaar geleden
Jesus Dude
Jesus Dude

This is an awesome video! I'm working on allocating funds for a PC and I actually picked out a few similar parts including the CPU and case. This is my first build so your videos especially your insight here has been awesome! Thank you!

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Kjuure +139


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Nathan +117

"3 five.25 inch bays, sign of the times"

Jaar geleden
TheSickness1234 +174

Upgrading from AMD to AMD, what times we live in

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NZXT teaches me how to build a computer


The best PC gaming memes ever


The best PC gaming memes ever


Weergaven 3,5 mln.