Grading PC sellers' ads on Craigslist...YIKES

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    abonnees: 2,4 mln.

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Bitwit +247

As some of you noted, my estimated used price for the Logitech G915 was well off, so that particular offer (when you include the peripherals) is notably better than I initially mentioned. Sorry for the error!

21 dag geleden
Tech YES City +197
Tech YES City

Would love to see you "get your hands dirty" in the used market, its heaps of fun. Also Merry Xmas dude! keep it up!

21 dag geleden
Akerzy +131

never really used craigslist but I do find these videos very entertaining

21 dag geleden
pancakewaffles +180

Kyle, for the $2000 PC with peripherals included, the keyboard (Logitech G915) is looking like it goes for about $130-$200 used. Brand new it's about $250 when not on sale. In reality, you save a lot more than 11% on it because of how expensive the keyboard is

21 dag geleden
Wilfredo Bracero +119
Wilfredo Bracero

Am I the only one who thought Discord was acting up while watching Kyle video? lol

21 dag geleden
Mike Tholen +12
Mike Tholen


14 dagen geleden
Abdumumin khan +14
Abdumumin khan

Hey bitwit nice vid but I would just like to say that you didn't account for the fact that purchasing the parts seperately to build a pc that can match the performance of the used craigslist ones usually means that you have to pay shipping and taxes, which can increase cost anywhere from 10-20%,

21 dag geleden
Pabz Roz +67
Pabz Roz

I literally just bought a perfectly good running car yesterday for $1800... These prices really put things in perspective.

21 dag geleden
wedgoku +2

I feel most of these buyers & bitwit don't understand how expensive these new PC parts actually cost, it does not matter if they are used, buyers are undercutting while trying to get free PC parts. My current SFF itx PC cost $3150USD with a RTX 2080ti & I would refuse to sell it for 50% off....

2 uur geleden
TopHatCentury +1

Thanks for publishing this video, Kyle! It is a great video that I will use for reference when I have to sell used PCs or PC parts that I own. I was actually looking to sell whole PCs or individual parts on Craigslist or Amazon because I do not like paying more money for higher power usage.

21 dag geleden
Ricky Ortiz +6
Ricky Ortiz

These are great deals compared to what's available in my area! I love it when you can see the reflection of the person selling the computer on the tempered glass.

21 dag geleden

Love this kind of video! Thanks for another fun year Kyle!

Dag geleden
VeterN +23

Damn you and your Discord sounds, Kyle... Your trickery knows no limits.

21 dag geleden
Marty Stines +27
Marty Stines


21 dag geleden

These are so fun to watch, thanks Bitwit!

14 dagen geleden
Parker Smith
Parker Smith

For those components that are hard to find secondhand because of being discontinued or other reasons, like the $250 motherboard, it makes a lot more practical sense to just find a comparable board and use that price instead of inflating the savings % with a scarce and overpriced part

Dag geleden
K +4

I think something went wrong with your math on the 3rd pc.

14 dagen geleden
Cam Beul Gaming
Cam Beul Gaming

I would love to see interaction of you haggling one of the sellers down to a fair price.

Dag geleden
Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu

This is the kind of stuff I like that you do and used to do more of. I know it was a lot of work, way more than the video length

21 dag geleden
lior6121 +16

you have a mistake in calculating the cost of the 3rd pc (the one with periferals) , you accidently calculated all of the periferals + its total cost into the final price, the real price is 2085$

21 dag geleden